4 Essential Tips For a Great Golf Trip


For golfers, a golf trip can be the most exciting time we’ve all been waiting for the whole year. A nice resort to relax, a new course to challenge, and new people to meet.

However, a golf trip can turn into a disaster in an instant when you didn’t do enough preparation and planning. Ever heard of the story of missing golf bags? Or maybe have you experienced it yourself? Ever forgot to bring enough golf shorts when the summer is scorching hot at your destination?

So, today we will share four of the most important tips for a successful golf trip. Without further ado, let us begin with the first.

1. Pack Healthy Snacks

What’s the most common health problem after a vacation? For the most of us, it is the uncontrollable, sudden weight gain.

Eating healthy is simply virtually impossible on a vacation, especially during a golf trip, where most of our activities are during the day. Thus, we often fall to late-night snack binging temptation, especially after a long day at the course.

How to avoid this? Well, we all know that completely avoiding snacking can be really hard for some of us. The snacking activity itself is not usually the problem, but our unhealthy choice of snacks.

To think about it, the snacks available in the hotel’s minibar or nearby mini market are usually unhealthy like packaged peanuts, chocolates, or even Doritos.

To tackle this issue, we can always prepare our own healthy snacks, and bring it to our trip. Granola and nutrition bars are always safe, easy to prepare choices. There are also other healthy snack choices like edamame or cinnamon, and you can always find the ones that will fit your taste.

Remember, snacking, or even eating late is not really the issue, but rather our usual choices. Your healthy snacks will also be useful mid-round, or on days when you stay up late and miss the following breakfast.

2. Bring Your Business Card

Yes, the golf trip is supposed to be a vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should forego any opportunities that might arise. Golf is, after all, a sport which many business practitioners prefer, and you will never know who you might meet either on the course or in the lounge of your golf resort.

The opportunities shouldn’t always be limited to business either, you will never know if the person you just met has a nice connection to a private golf club, and of course, there is always the chance to meet a would-be significant other.

In short, don’t leave your business cards at home, and stuff at least a few in your wallet and golf bag. Always be prepared for a good first impression, and be ready to stay in touch.

3. Get a Decent Golf Travel Bag

What is the most annoying thing in a golf trip? For many of us, it is traveling with those heavy and expensive clubs. Not only carrying them can be burdensome, but we also often fear their safety, especially during flight.

With that being said, it is important to choose the right golf travel bag that is light enough, yet can provide enough protection. Hard cases are often the best choice for airplane travel, as it provides the most protection.

If you travel by car a lot during your trip, a padded soft case might be a better overall choice. The reason being most hard cases are often too bulky to fit in a car trunk (you also need to consider your other luggage).

There are also hybrid cases, where the top portion is hard for protection, which is also a decent choice although a bit expensive.

To tackle the weight issue, look for golf travel bags with wheels for an easier transport. Since the golf bag itself will eat the most space (and weight limit), you might need to re-consider your other luggage.

The essential things for a golf trip are a pair or two of golf shoes, your golf shirts, shorts, pants, vests, wind shirts, long-sleeved shirts, socks, umbrella, raincoat, balls, tees, golf gloves, insect repellent, sunscreen, and hats/caps. If you have limited space, you can pack some of your clothes in the golf travel bag.

4. Bring Comfortable and Weather-Appropriate Clothes

Pack proper clothes depending on your destination, as the weather conditions will greatly determine which clothes to take. For colder climates, pack more long-sleeved shirts and pants. On the other hand, you will want more polo shirts and golf shorts for warmer destinations.

When in doubt, golf pants, polo shirts, hats or visors, and golf sweater are safe choices. Make sure to consider your space and weight, as the golf travel bag itself is already heavy, and will demand a lot of your attention.

Also, tied with the 2nd point above, if you feel you might meet new contacts (i.e. if you are staying in a high-profile golf resort), packing a few nice clothes is a good idea. You might also want to pack some formal clothes just in case, but remember to bring proper ones depending on your destination.

Don’t overpack, however, remember that there is always the option to buy clothes at your destination when it’s necessary. The most important thing is to bring your most comfortable golf gear to make the most of your trip.

Bottom Line

A proper preparation is very important for a successful, and enjoyable golf trip. There are, of course, other factors you should consider, like choosing the right destination and determining the best way to travel around. We feel that the four tips we have shared above are the most essential for a great golf trip.

If you enjoyed the article, please do share it with your fellow golfers. Also, if you have any question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below.

About the Author: Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who has been on the golf course for more than 25 years. He is always eager to share its best practices online. He has launched its own website, called Golf Influence, where he shares his best golf tips.

Jordan Fuller

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