7 Awesome Tips for Your Golf Vacation


So, you’re a golf fanatic who has booked – or is thinking about booking – your dream golf holiday? Perfect, you’ve come to the right spot.

Make no doubt about it; there aren’t many events more exciting in life than a golf holiday. Whether you’re going with friends, family, or by yourself, you’re destined to have a great time. In fact, you’ll probably struggle to pack your luggage at the end because you desperately don’t want to go home!

However, you can’t just book a golf holiday, show up, and expect everything to go swimmingly. Instead, you need to conduct careful planning and be smart with your decision-making.

With that said, here are seven awesome tips for your golf holiday.

1.    Keep yourself entertained on the journey there

Depending on your chosen location, you might be traveling a long distance to get there – especially if you’re heading overseas.

Long journeys via car or plane are always boring. So, you need to make sure you’re entertained during the journey! There are lots of ways you can do this, but your best option is to play online casino games.

Have you ever played online casino games on your smartphone before? Sheesh. They’re insanely fun. You can even play casino games during the middle of a golf round when you’re stuck behind other people.

To get started, check out Buffalo King Megaways slots, which is one of the best slots games around.

2.    Choose the best possible location

There are so many amazing golf holiday locations around the world; it’s ridiculous.

Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • The Scottish Highlands
  • Antalya, Turkey
  • Costa Brava, Spain

These locations come with amazing courses and scenery that are a real-life dream for golf fans.

In addition to this, you can also stay at golf resorts with amazing hotels and on-sight entertainment options. Vale Do Loba is a great example. It’s a famous golf resort in the Algarve, Portugal consisting of 18 holes. On this course, you’re surrounded by insane views and mountains, which is why thousands of golf players flock to stay there every year. Remember, though, that standards there will be high, so it’s worth practicing your swing at home with this golf simulator before you go! This way, you’ll be able to impress and keep up with everyone else.

3.    Take plenty of golf attire with you

As with every holiday, you can never pack too much. With golf, this is especially true.

Golf attire is important. Golf clubs usually have strict attire guidelines, so there’s no harm in packing backup outfits in case you need them. If not, you’ll have to buy attire when you’re out there, which could end up burning a hole in your wallet!

4.    Try to avoid peak times on the course

It’s best to check with the course owners in advance to find out the peak times for playing. This way, you can avoid any congestion and frustrating waiting times.

5.    Schedule around the weather

Fingers crossed, the weather will be nice on your golf getaway. But if it isn’t, you’ll have to plan around it. Make sure to check the weather every day so that you’ll have a good idea of which playing times to avoid.

6.    Check out the club policies

Golf clubs are strict with rules and policies, so read them carefully in advance.

7.    Lastly, have fun!

Golf holidays should be cherished, as they don’t come around too often. Have fun and take lots of photos and videos along the way!






Brian Weis

Publisher of GolfGuide.com.

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