A Beginner’s Guide To Golf In Texas


It’s one of the oldest sports in existence, having been created in the 1700s, but it also stands as one of the more popular sports within Texas itself. As a sport that has considerable traction and interest across Texas as a whole, it is unsurprising that that so many people from across the state are willing to get involved.

Why is golf big in Texas

It might not be as popular as say football or cricket as far as worldwide interest goes, but it would be fair to say that there are some native Texans who helped to shape how popular golf now is in the Lone Star State. It might seem surprising, but in the course of shaping the modern game as you now know it, no fewer than 17 native Texas have been inducted in the Golfing Hall of Game, which is simply staggering especially when compared to the other larger states. In California, they have only seen seven such inductees, whereas in Florida they haven’t received a single one. Even the likes of Jordan Spieth hail from Texas, meaning that one of the bright lights of the modern game also calls the state home. With so many big names having hailed from Texas, it is unsurprising that so many people have taken an interest as time goes on.

Where do I find more information

Finding information of your favorite golfer can be difficult, especially in the build up to a major tournament and it is important to use the correct sites wherever possible. Why not take some time to research some of the ways to find your favorite content so you can be more informed for all the major tournaments. Nobody likes to be left out of the loop and by knowing where to go, it can make life that little bit more interesting in the long run. Golf has been around for hundreds of years and isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well embrace it.

There’s so many courses

There is an abundance of golf courses across Texas that hav seen some of the biggest names and tournaments take place across the state. This has been a significant increase in the number of people getting involved with golf and wanting to improve their own game – it is unsurprising that they want to join some of the bigger names in the sport. Even the Ryder Cup was based in Texas at one point, showing that even the biggest competitions wanted to make use of the state’s facilities. In 1967, Houston played host to golf’s biggest competition and it was seen as a rousing success with millions tuning in to watch it. For Texan involvement in this year’s Ryder Cup, it all hinges on the form of Spieth, who has seen his ranking jump from 22nd to 13th in the current ranking and he will be hoping to push himself even higher.

With so many courses across the state, why not make the most of what is on your doorstep. It could be worth your while.

Brian Weis

Publisher of GolfGuide.com.

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