Ampcaddy Golf Speaker – Must Have For 2018


Golf purists and golf enthusiasts have been debating music on the golf course since the introduction of the Bluetooth portable speaker. If you enjoy rocking tunes on the links, there is no debate that the Ampcaddy will enhance your experience and minimize the disruption to neighboring golfers.

The Ampcaddy’s built in clamp allows the speaker to be attached to the cart returning valuable space to the golfers. Plus, a traditional speaker situated in a cup holder or glove box muffles sound, requiring higher volumes for listening enjoyment. When positioned at head height the Ampcaddy speaker can be played at lower levels giving adequate sound to the golfer while minimizing sounds carrying across the fairways to unwanted ears.

While the debate will surely continue, the Ampcaddy may bridge the gap between purists and music connoisseur to better co-exist on the golf course.

Ampcaddy Features

  • Built in clamp easily attaches and detaches the Ampcaddy to a golf or push cart in seconds
  • Multi-directional swivel allows golfers to choose the direction, giving better clarity and immersive sound with less volume
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery with 8 hour lifespan on a single charge
  • 33′ Bluetooth signal range
  • Weatherproof: Withstands rain and splash
  • Shockproof: Built sturdy for the outdoors, including protective outer layer

More Information

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