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In 2018, Barney Adams, the founder of Adams Golf and inventor of the Tight Lies Fairway Woods, started a new venture, Breakthrough Golf Technology. Adams launched a new putter shaft named Stability. Pro and amateur golfers who replaced their putter shaft claim a better feel, improved distance control and a squarer club head at impact. Below is a Q&A interview with Barney Adams regarding his new technology and how you can get it into your bag for the 2019 season.

Where did the idea come from to make a new premium putter-specific shaft?
The last several years have seen putter head weights increase by roughly 25g, while counterbalancing has become very common. Feedback from tour players reflected the need for something stiffer. This was the catalyst of Breakthrough Golf and the creation of the Stability putter shaft.

What is wrong with standard putter shafts?
For 50 years, the putter shaft has not changed; it’s a simple steel pipe. They are used in putters because they are cheap and the industry thinks they are good enough.

Does the Stability putter shaft really make a difference (it’s a putter after all)?
As a golfer standing over a putt, your primary concerns are line and speed. Once you have determined your target line, you would like to be confident that you can deliver the putter face square to that line consistently. The flexural stiffness and reduced torsional rotation provided by the Stability Shaft means that dispersion will be tighter within a tighter roll-out range.

How much can a shaft flex during a putting stroke?
Enough to make a difference in terms of face delivery at impact. The same things that happen to a shaft during the full swing, particularly related to the transition from backswing to forward swing, happen during a putting stroke. The target is much smaller with a putting stroke, so that difference in face angle probably means a putt made instead of another putt missed.

What makes your shaft different?
The Stability design was extremely challenging; invent a shaft that had the same weight as a traditional steel putter shaft but without being too stiff, heavy or having a deadened feel.  It also had to mitigate unwanted flex and twist.

How does the design influence putting performance?
The Stability shaft delivers the face squarer at impact and produces more consistency in your putting. It will make your putter better and make you a better putter.

What is Advanced Materials Integration?
Advanced Materials Integration means this shaft is made with multiple, advanced materials that are chosen, configured, and positioned to create the most advanced putter shaft available.

How did you test the performance and how long did this take to develop?
The Stability shaft was extensively tested with state-of-the-art measurement platforms on a wide variety of putter brands, models, and styles, using both humans and putting robots.

  • Robot-straight back-straight through
  • Arc path with a variety of impact speeds and multiple impact locations (½” heel, center, and ½” toe).
  • Type of players: Low, mid, and high handicap amateurs, tour players, including a major champion.
  • Measurement platforms used: Quintic ball roll, Quintic Biomechanics, Trackman 4, High Speed video, SAM Putt Lab.

Does it work on all putters? Can all putters be re-shafted using the Stability shaft?
Yes, the Stability shaft works on all putters. However, there may be some antique or unusual bend profiles that can’t be re-shafted. If you are unsure, please contact us at

Will this shaft change the weight/balance/feel of my putter?
Your putter will feel the same and the overall weight is within a few grams of a steel putter shafts. Your swing weight may be slightly higher after installation; but this will enhance the stability of the putter head.

How many Stability shaft models are there?
Just one…for now.

Where can I go in my area to try/purchase your putter shaft?
We are growing as fast as we can! Please email us at:, so we can help you find a golf retailer in your area.

Does BGT offer a reshafting service?
Yes, we do offer re-shafting services. Please email us, so we can discuss your specific needs.

Where can golfers get more information?

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