Ben Hogan Golf Introduces GS53 MAX Driver

9-time Major winner and golf legend Ben Hogan is regarded as one of the game’s greatest ball strikers. His combination of distance and accuracy, from tee to green, propelled him to winning the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in 1953. In honor of his successes, his namesake brand, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, today introduced the GS53 MAX Driver, featuring a lightweight Carbon Composite Crown designed to maximize distance and forgiveness.
The 460cc GS53 MAX, is available immediately and exclusively at for $355.00 with any one of three (3) premium aftermarket shafts.   The GS53 MAX driver offers a 22% larger and 11% taller face than Ben Hogan Golf’s highly popular 445cc GS53 Driver which will remain in the product line.   The four-piece head design utilizes multiple materials including forged Titanium and dense Tungsten, complemented by a carbon composite crown.  This combination of materials allowed Ben Hogan engineers to precisely position discretionary weight inside of the clubhead to create a low and rearward Center of Mass(COM) for higher initial launch angles.   Weight has also been positioned to the edges of the head to help increase stability and keep the clubhead squared at impact.   Weight optimization also allowed the  GS53 MAX driver to be ‘acoustically tuned’ to provide a solid sound at impact.
“This is a special driver that is born off Mr. Hogan’s principles of club design,” said Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Company. “Our R&D mission for the GS53 MAX was to keep the COM as low and as far rearward as possible, which is very different when compared to the original GS53 driver which is much higher and more forward.  As a result, the combination of the lightweight composite crown and tungsten sole weight allow us to position the COM so that we maximize launch while decreasing the amount of ball spin. This provides a higher ball flight … especially for players who don’t have Tour-caliber clubhead speeds … for increased carry and roll out. “
White adds, “The composite crown also allows us to increase the forgiveness of the driver by moving more mass to the edges of the driver; it’s the same concept as perimeter weighting used in iron design.   As a result, the GS53 clubhead is more stable and squared at impact.  We think golfers of all abilities will love the feel and performance of the GS53 MAX.”
The GS53 MAX driver – which is offered in 9.0 and 10.5-degree models – also features Ben Hogan Golf’s proprietary adjustable hosel, which is ingeniously designed yet simple and easy to use. Called Flight Control, golfers can change the loft of the driver up to two (2) degrees from the base loft – one degree stronger or weaker. They can also change the lie angle and face angle from square to open or closed, to ‘tune’ the driver to exact specifications and/or desired shot shape. All adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds by any golfer using the adjustment wrench provided. The eight (8) adjustment settings are easily identifiable and do not require re-orientation of the shaft graphics or grip position. This allows golfers to keep the shaft and grip aligned to their personal preference no matter which setting is selected.
The GS53 MAX driver, which is initially available in a right-handed model only, offers consumers a choice of one of three super-premium aftermarket shafts, offered in multiple flexes and weights, including:
  1. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black (low trajectory) –  valued at $300 MSRP
  2. Tensei™ CK Blue (mid trajectory) – valued at $250 MSRP
  3. UST Mamiya Helium™ (high trajectory) – valued at $225 MSRP
White concludes, “Our direct-to-consumer business model, where all products are sold exclusively at, allows us to price the GS53 MAX at $355.00, which is far below the industry standard for a driver in the super-premium, high-sperformance category.”
The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company offers a number of consumer-centric programs, including free domestic shipping on orders over $750.00, flat-rate international shipping and a low or no-cost financing program. And, recognizing that many golfers want to personally experience equipment before they purchase, the Company offers a simple, risk-free Demo program, as well as a Trade-UP program where golfers can offset the cost of their purchase by selling used equipment back to the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.
For more information or to purchase the GS53 MAX Driver visit
David Daubert

David has been writing about golf since the turn of the century. He was Managing Editor at a regional golf magazine for 11 years, published in Canada, the IAGTO and a Staff Writer for The Georgia Golf Trail. His insightful perspective brings golf to life.

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