Cobra KING F7 Driver – Adjustability on Steroids

Adjustability on Steroids


For 2017, Cobra introduces a new KING Driver, the F7. With the F7, Cobra has created 3 drivers in one. They’ve gotten away from the moveable slider weight in the F6, and gone with a moveable weight system, which creates 3 center of gravity (CG) settings and saves weight. Each setting creates significant changes in spin, distance and flight for maximum distance. Set the 12g colored weight to the front position for a lower, penetrating ball flight with less spin and more roll, or place it in the back position for higher, towering drives with added spin and more carry. You can also place it in the heel position, which helps to create more draw spin in order to correct a slice and hit straighter drives. So many options, just pick the one that’s right for your game.

The Cobra F7 is all about adjustability. In addition to the three moveable weights in the sole, COBRA’s MyFly8 allows you to fine tune the trajectory and launch with eight different loft and lie combinations. This technology, coupled with SmartPad, is the easiest way to dial-in distance and hit straighter drives down the fairway. MyFly8 works in conjunction with their Smart Pad on the sole, which allows the clubhead to pivot as you change the loft, keeping the face square at impact. Also, the face of the F7 is 5% larger than last year’s F6.

Cobra’s TeXtreme Carbon Fiber creates a crown that is 20% lighter, which allows more weight to be redistributed lower and deeper into the club head for a lower center of gravity (CG) which in turn delivers extreme distance and forgiveness.

Cobra has gone uber high tech, incorporating Arccos technology into the F7 driver. COBRA CONNECT is COBRA’s first “connected” golf club and allows golfers to automatically track the distance and accuracy of their drive. An Arccos Driver unit is installed into the butt end of the F7 driver; all you need to do is pair it with the free Arccos Driver smartphone app and swing away. Over time, if the unit continues to detect the same flawed swing (for example a slice), it will start to suggest videos for Cobra’s stable of PGA Tour pro s on how to correct the problem. Cobra is definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to “smart” golf equipment. The Arccos app can also be used as a GPS system on over 40,000 international golf courses.

Standing over the ball at address, you will notice that the clubhead is slightly rounder than other drivers and seems to deliver more confidence at address. You’re probably not going to gain a lot of distance over last year’s KING F6, but what you will gain is the ability to dial it in to suit a certain swing, which should reap rewards in the performance stakes.

The new Cobra KING F7 driver comes stock with a Fujikura Pro 60 shaft in one of four flexes: lite, regular, stiff or extra stiff and a Cobra Lamkin REL grip with the Arccos unit embedded into the butt end. You’ll also need to choose a color: Silver, Blue, Black or simulated Woodgrain. Retail price on this drive is only $350, considerably less than comparable drivers with less adjustability. To learn more about or order the new Cobra KING F7 driver, visit the Cobra website at

David Theoret

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