DIY Putting Green What To Use For A Golf Cup Hole


So you are looking to build a putting green or you installed a golf green in your home and you want to better simulate a golf hole. Below are a few ideas to install an actual golf cup or products that simulate an actual golf hole.

Before we dive into lets establish a baseline or a few knowns.

Golf Hole Size: What is the Diameter of a Golf Hole?

Under the rules of golf, the diameter of a golf hole must be 4.25 inches (10.795 cm). This official hole size is agreed upon by golf’s two major governing bodies, the USGA and the R&A.

Holes must be cut to a minimum of 4 inches deep, though there is no specified maximum limit to their depth.

Cutting The Hole – Drill Bit – 4.25 Hole Saw

If you are looking to cut a hole in your turf. Turn the turn upside down and trace your hole and cut with knife or use a 4.25 inch drill bit. If you have a test piece of turf practice with it prior to cutting to ensure its fit. This bit can also be used to cut the hole in the insulation, plywood or built up structure.

Amazon – Drill Bit Hole Saw


1) Actual Golf Hole Cup
If you have a putting green in an office or home and want an USGA regulation cup you can build up a platform with two sheets of 2 inch pink Owens Corning foam board. You can find these sheets at most home improvement stores. I built this green in my office and opted to use insulation instead wood because it was easier to manipulate and or move. To build, I stacked two sheets of insulation up to get 4 inch high and cut out holes to counter sink the cups. I purchased 20 feet of putting turf from a company that builds greens. To avoid shifting i taped the insulation seems becuase the green was longer than the 8 foot sheets. To establish a clean look, i edged the sides with 4×4 lumber. I cut in various lengths longer than 4 inches and nailed three or 4 posts together with a long spike. See photo below. You can use bricks or other material for edging.

More Information:
KingTop Golf Hole – USGA Regulation
Amazon – $18.88 (Four Pack)

Two 2 inch Corning Foam Insulation sheets stacked
Finished putting green with plastic rain gutter behind it to catch missed puts.

Shallow Putting Cup

USGA regulation but available in a variety of depths ranging from 1.125 inches to 4. Build your putting mat or green up with gym tiles, plywood or insulation foam. Cut hole and measure depth and buy a hole accordingly.

Shallow Putting Cups (real bottom)




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