Foresight Sports, the industry leader in premium optical launch monitor and golf simulation technology, has announced a partnership with GSPro, one of the industry’s leading community driven golf simulation platforms. The partnership will deliver an integration between Foresight Sports launch monitor devices and GSPro software, enabling Foresight Sports users to subscribe to the GSPro Simulation platform. This offering will further enhance the capabilities of Foresight Sports golf simulators by supplementing the newly launched FSX Play golf simulation platform with a user-created virtual course library and gameplay engine unique to the GSPro environment.

According to Tim Briand, Foresight Sports Director of Business Development, the new partnership and enhanced offering is perfectly timed. “As golf simulation becomes more commonplace for all applications throughout the golf industry, we are excited to expand the offerings Foresight Sports product owners can utilize with our technology. GSPro delivers an exciting option for users wishing to participate in a user-created golf simulation environment. With over 350 courses in the GSPro platform, and over 200 within our FSX platforms, our customers will soon have the widest variety of simulator courses available on any platform.”

Entering the simulator software market in 2021, GSPro has established itself as a leader in on-course software for golf enthusiasts. Developed from the ground up by veteran hard-core simulator golfers, GSPro prioritizes realistic, accurate, golf simulation over arcade style video games and entertainment products repackaged as simulator products. Offering a proprietary flight model and physics engine, affordable pricing, great value, constant software upgrades, and an unmatched active community, GPSro has emerged as a leader in the simulation software space.

GSPro’s powerful community and easy-to-use proprietary course design tools have empowered the creation of hundreds of courses in a brief amount of time, with more created daily. Recognizing that previous software options for simulator golfers were often outdated and costly, GSPro aims to bring best-in-class golfing to simulator golfers at a more affordable price.

Brian Evans, GSPro Co-Owner, sees the partnership with Foresight Sports as an exciting evolution in the industry. “In the past few years, we have seen the golf simulator market drastically evolve and become more obtainable. Whether it be in a basement, garage, or backyard; golf fanatics have shown their eagerness to bring a concept previously only found in a pay-to-play setting, to the comfort and convenience of their home. We are incredibly excited to be partnering with the like-minded, and global leader in launch monitors, Foresight Sports. Together we will further grow the golf simulator space by making it more accessible with unrivaled quality, realism, and underlying data. “

Currently in development, the new FSX Play and GSPro integration will be offered in Q1 2023.

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