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Frogger Amphibian Towel


Frogger has done it again! They have taken a simple product – the golf towel – and revolutionized it. It truly is a towel within a towel; a plush woven cotton outside with an inner layer that is made from bamboo terry. . The corner of the towel is fit with a little ‘dry tab’, which can be used to open the towel. This is important should you want to grab the towel with your golf glove hand and not get the glove wet. The towel is also fitted with a fabric hook tab and carabiner for attaching the towel to your golf bag.at_blue

According to Frogger, the bamboo terry “absorbs three times more water than cotton, dries three times as fast, and is naturally anti-fungal as well as anti-microbial.” A waterproof membrane separates the two layers, keeping the outside dry and the inside wet – or vice versa. There are also convenient pull-tabs on the bottom, allowing you to keep your hands dry as you open the outer layer to wipe off you club with on the inside towel. The Amphibian Towel is the first and only golf towel that stays both WET and DRY in either SUNNY or RAINY playing conditions; just turn it inside out when the rain starts and you’re good to go. Remember, you can increase backspin, distance and accuracy with clean clubs!

Last Word
The Amphibian towel is very high quality; it comes in brilliant colors and has an attractive frog (can those two words be used together) logo on it. It is two towels in one; one towel inside with a rougher surface to wet and clean the club and the outer towel to dry it. The inside towel holds a lot of water. Frogger also makes a smaller, golf ball sized towel and perfect for cleaning balls; many players attach it to their belt. Don’t worry, it won’t drip on your nice, clean golf pants.
The full sized Amphibian Towel retails for around $30 and is available online through such websites as Amazon.com. It can also be purchased at such retail golf giants as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golfsmith. You can visit Frogger online at www.amphibiantowel.com.


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