Give Dad the Gift of Game Improvement This Father’s Day

72 suggests these popular, effective practice tools for lower scores

We all know Dad isn’t content being in the middle of the pack at the Club Championship or losing to the other guys in his foursome every weekend. So, help him get serious about getting better at the game, one key piece at a time., home of the world’s largest selection of golf teaching and training aids, offers these timely suggestions to get Dad on the track to better swings, truer putts and scores he’ll be proud to post. Check out for hundreds of tools to make golfers the practice machines and scoring machines they want to be:

The Power Shift Board Keeps You in the Proper Swing Sequence
The Power Shift Board helps golfers optimize their weight shift in their golf swing and unlock true power through proper body sequencing in the golf swing. With an ingenious design that uses auditory feedback and dual resistance springs, The Power Shift Board focuses on encouraging golfers to push down into their lead foot at the ideal time, improving swing sequencing and impact alignments. This approach is distinct from other aids that may increase lateral sway, providing a more effective and targeted training experience. If you want Dad to feel and be confident that he’s swinging in sequence, this is the product to get him for Father’s Day. $124.99.

The Draw Board Will Help Dad with Solid Contact, Better Ball Flight
The Draw Board is crafted to bring the skills that can best tame holes that require a right-to-left shot to golfers everywhere, allowing them to experience and groove how the perfect draw shot feels anywhere, anytime. The Draw Board is purpose-built to help golfers achieve an effortless and reliable draw on command while executing the proper swing path that is so essential in golf. This breakthrough product is built for durability and its clean design makes it a visually appealing addition to any player’s practice routine. The Draw Board features wedge inserts that are specifically designed to guide the swing path during practice sessions, helping develop the sensation of how to hit a draw shot consistently. $109.99

The Putting Arc is a Time-Tested and Tour-Proven Putting Aid
Used by more than 1,500 playing professionals, the Putting Arc MS-3D allows golfers to have a balanced stroke without any radial force so golfers learn and constantly monitor eye and shoulder position as well as head stability. Benefits of practicing with The Putting Arc include developing a consistent stance, head, eye, and body alignment with square putter face initial alignment at address and impact. Golfers also learn to putt on a proper path with effective putter toe release in their strokes. $89.99.

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