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Golf Pain Away – For All Those Aching Muscles and Much More

When I first read the name of this product I thought to myself “how is playing golf going to help me get rid of pain?” They obviously had not seen my swing or they would know it causes pain. Anyway…

Golf Pain Away or GPA as it says on the bottle, is a mixture of 4 natural ingredients: olive oil, vanilla, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. Each of these ingredients adds its own unique quality to the finished product. The olive oil is mild to the skin and has added penetrating abilities. Tea Tree oil was first used by Australian aborigines as an antiseptic, pain reliever and a wound healer but is used in GPA primarily for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

The Eucalyptus Oil used in GPA is more specifically known as Blue Mallee Eucalyptus and has the highest Cineole content of any eucalypt in the world. It is most widely used for its pain relieving properties and added anti-inflammatory benefits. When this Blue Mallee oil is combined with the tea tree oil, the results give Golf Pain Away properties that are unmatched by any other similar product on the market.

Lastly, the proprietary blend of vanilla extracts used in GPA provide circulatory benefits and act as the delivery mechanism for the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of the Tea and Eucalyptus oils.

All of these ingredients combine to give GPA an aroma all its own; not a bad smell, just one that takes some getting used to. Your presence will definitely be known when entering a room!

Golf Pain Away has been shown to work on several afflictions that plague golfers including hip, back and neck pain and arthritis. My wife suffers from fibromyalgia and found that it provided unparalleled relief for that as well. This is big news for such an unknown product!

A small amount is all that is needed and it is easy to use. Simply roll it on to the painful area twice a day and gently massage it in until fully absorbed. Use it every day for up to 14 days to achieve the full benefit of the product and then as required after that.

Golf Pain Away id endorsed by Sir Nick Price, a World Golf Hall of Famer. I have not enjoyed playing golf as much as have playing pain free with Golf Pain Away. “After using Golf Pain Away, I will never play golf without it again.’ Mr. Price has been quoted as saying.

Not sold yet? Go to and sign up for a free trial packet. That way you can see for yourself the pain relieving power behind this all natural product. And, for more information or to order Golf Pain Away, you can visit their website at

David Theoret
David Theoret has been in the golf and golf travel industry for over 12 years, primarily selling online advertising. For the past seven years, he has also been a golf writer, reviewing golf courses, resorts, destinations, equipment, golf apparel, and training aids – the latter of which never seems to help. What started as a dream years ago, by God’s grace, became a reality in 2015 when The Golfin’ Guy editorial marketing company was founded. Working together with golf course designer Ron Garl; David’s articles and reviews have been posted on many golf travel, equipment, and apparel websites.

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