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GripIt Rite – Because a Good Grip is Most Important


As all golfers know, the secret to good golf starts with the grip. The way that you hold the golf club is very much correlated to how far it will go, how much it will curve and how solid the shot will be hit. In fact, an ideal grip is golf’s most important fundamental. GripIt Rite is a patented new golf training aid, it is designed to check, correct, and reinforce a professional golf grip.

GripIt Rite was developed by Henry Brunton, a PGA Master Professional up in Canada. Mr. Brunton is one of the most recognizable names in Canadian golf and is one of the world’s leading golf coaches and educators. Along with having the distinction of being Canada’s first and only GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Mr. Brunton was also named as the fourth Most Influential Person in Canadian Golf in rankings by Canada’s National Post.

GripIt Rite is used on your clubs for practice or play; it is designed with a tough durable plastic that flexes and slides onto any golf club grip in seconds. GripIt Rite offers excellent club feel and leads to longer and straighter shots and above all greater consistency. GripIt Rite. The rubber no-slip over mold with dimple features provides precise hand and finger placement which gives maximum grip and comfort. GripIt Rite contains several patented features that intuitively assist even the most inexperienced golfer to grip their hands correctly every time. The pop up polycarbonate lens aids in installing the grip at a precise position in relation to the club head. GripIt Rite can be adjusted to a strong or weak grip style as desired. There are sizes are available for men, women and juniors in both right and left handed.

Once you have it attached, GripIt Rite is easy to use. Simply place your hands on the grip as the form dictates and swing away. You will be amazed at how much the proper grip helps to hit the golf ball straight and improves contact with the ball.

GripIt Rite is available online at GolfSmith.com or you can order directly from their website at  www.gripitrite.com.


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