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HipCheck – Simple, Easy, Effective


Simply put the HipCheck helps golfers fix their alignment and improve their hip rotation. The HipCheck hooks on to your belt or pants just above the hip bone and shows where your hip is pointing – every time. No complicated cords or contraptions!

The idea for the HipCheck was conceived by Larry Sharon in Rutland VT.  After using the original prototype of the HipCheck for a few seasons, Larry was convinced of how well the product actually worked. After going a few weeks without using the HipCheck his golf scores started to suffer. Clipping the HipCheck back on his belt got his alignment – and his scores – back on track.

Although originally produced as an alignment tool, a second use was been discovered at the 2011 PGA Show. By simply sticking an old golf grip onto the HipCheck, it can be used to train correct hip rotation. Remember, lining up correctly is the first step towards a great swing. As a matter of fact, the people at HipCheck are so confident you’ll like the product that they’re offering a 110% money-back guarantee.

What makes the HipCheck work is the fact that it is simple and easy to use. Simply attach it to the waist of your pants or over your belt, line the arrow up with the pin and hit the shot. The HipCheck helps you quickly align yourself correctly – and helps you learn the proper muscle memory to automatically improve your alignment over time.

Secondly, the HipCheck can help with your hip rotation. Getting your hips to rotate correctly can be tough – unlike with your feet and arms, it’s difficult to ‘feel’ the right position. The HipCheck lets you see where your hips are pointed so you can easily correct your position.

Unlike many training tools, you can use the HipCheck during your round – that is if your playing partners don’t object. The HipCheck does not inhibit your swing in any way – use it to adjust your alignment and you’re ready to hit!

The HipCheck is proudly ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ – from the original design, to the packaging & printing by the Atlantic Packaging Group in Norwich, CT, and today the HipCheck is produced at Progressive Plastics in Williamstown VT.

The HipCheck is designed to help you hit the ball straight, period. Therefore, if you are looking to hit a draw or a fade, you have to set up open or closed in your stance to compensate.  In this is the case, then Hip Check would be aligning to the line you want to start the ball out on, not the intended target. For more information on HipCheck, visit them online at www.TheHipCheck.com. You can also purchase the HipCheck on their website for $19.95.

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