Indi Golf Launches New StingRay Wedges

With Unprecedented Spin and Control


Our friends at Indi Golf shared with us the following:

Indi Golf, design and manufacturer of high performance golf clubs, introduces new StingRay Wedges featuring unmatched feel and spin. Indi Golf has designed the StingRay wedges so that golfers of any skill level can achieve tour player control and spin rates.

“Professional golfers practice eight hours a day and hit over one thousand balls a session,” said Rob Lang, General Manager, Indi Golf. “Our design team created the StingRay Wedge for the 99+% of golfers who love golf but don’t make their living playing the sport. Compiling decades of industry experience, creative thinking, and premium quality manufacturing, The StingRay delivers what we think golfers want – playability, lower scores, and more fun.”

Designed as a premium solution for the recreational golfer, StingRay wedges features large open square grooves that increase spin by 50% on a full swing measured using Foresight GCQuad. Indi Golf calls this innovation “TractionFace.” “The real challenge was designing grooves that would maximize spin. It’s not just about huge grooves, there is a science to getting the grooves just right to maximize spin, and we did it,” added Lang.

In addition to the 50% increase in spin, which is pure fun, is the incredible feel and control of the wedge which can be attributed to Indi’s Scooped Back. Indi’s ScoopBack technology makes off center hits feel better, go straighter, spin more and end up closer to the hole. The thickness is optimized at hundreds of points in a grid across the entire head, creating a unique smoothly curved back which looks beautiful at address, and from any angle.

Other features of the StingRay wedges include:
• ShortHosel – Creates discretionary weight that has been position higher in the face and more towards the toe, resulting in higher performance, better feel, and more forgiveness.
• Optimized Bounce – Allows the head to glide through the turf yielding solid contact for the grooves to grab the ball and impart maximum spin while producing ideal launch conditions.
• Straight Leading Edge – Makes the wedge easier to align, giving a player more confidence and resulting in more consistent shots.

“Indi Golf is committed to making sure that every product we design is the best it can possibly be,” said Lang. “We feel our StingRay Wedge is the best wedge on the market especially for the recreational golfer and the golfer that is looking to improve their short game, lower their score, and have more fun with the game. The StingRay provides unmatched feel and spin that will teach golfers what a great wedge game looks and feels like. We invite you to become a better wedge player and experience your short game in a way you never have before.”

The StingRay Wedge is available in lofts of 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60-degrees. Due to the TractionGrooves technology, the StingRay wedge is ideal for recreational golfers and is not approved for USGA competition play. MSRP is $159.99.

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