Miura Golf Launches CB-302


Miura Golf, manufacturer of the world’s finest forged golf clubs, today unveiled their uniquely innovative and visually stunning new CB-302 iron.

The inspiration for one of Miura’s most technologically advanced irons came from Shinei Miura, who asked himself, “Why shouldn’t all golfers enjoy the benefit of a penetrating ball flight?” The result of this never-ending quest for perfection is the CB-302, a cavity shaped iron that challenged the limits of Miura’s forging process, featuring optimized weight distribution unique to each irons’ loft. This newest creation boasts the largest sole width of any forged iron ever produced at the Miura factory, rewarding golfers of all levels with optimized forgiveness.

“The CB-302 is a testament to the perseverance and skills of the Miura Craftsmen. Their attention to detail has enabled them to deliver an iron which balances forgiveness and performance at the highest level,” said Bill Holowaty, COO, Miura Golf. “This is an iron which will be enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels, including golf’s most advanced players.”

“One of the more remarkable qualities exhibited by the Miura family is their determination to never become complacent,” said Hoyt McGarity, CEO of 8AM Golf. “We see this once again in the creation of the CB-302, after more than a half century of continually producing the most innovative and inspired forged irons.”

Like all Miura irons, the CB-302 was designed to deliver confidence at address, assuring that the size, shape and overall appearance of the clubhead work in concert. It was also constructed to deliver more control and performance. The preciseness of the camber, or curve of the sole, from the leading to the trailing edge of the clubhead, is a critical design element of the CB-302. This has resulted in a clubhead which delivers improved performance regardless of a golfer’s swing trajectory.

During the design phase, the CB-302 promised to be a visually stunning iron, but the final product was actually able to transcend the Miura forging process. The craftsmen entrusted with upholding the company’s meticulous standards,  went to great lengths to assure that no area of the clubhead was neglected. Even the often overlooked area of the heel where the hosel meets the head was fine-tuned to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Possessing moderate offset, the CB-302’s strong and confidence inducing shape is destined to become the hallmark of this new iron.

The CB-302 irons will be available in 4-GW.

For more information, visit www.miuragolf.com.

Brian Weis

Publisher of GolfGuide.com.

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