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Oakley Crossrange XL Prizm Golf Sunglasses

See the Course Like Never Before!


As far as sunglasses go, Oakley may just have come up with the perfect pair for golf: The Crossrange XL Prizm sunglasses. The Crossrange XL sunglasses are actually two pairs in one. They come with two sets of temples; one for everyday living; work, school, the mall, etc., and a pair of sport temples with Unobtainium. The neat thing about these temples is that the more you sweat, the more they grip, making them great for a variety of sports, golf included.

The lenses are larger than the more popular Flak Jacket model, giving you more coverage on the course and more protection from the sun.

Fifteen years ago, Oakley developed the Prizm lens specifically for the US military. A couple of years ago, they designed a golf-specific Prizm lens that intensifies the contrast, highlighting all the subtle breaks and undulations and boosts the surrounding colors. More importantly, Prizm lenses are perfect in all conditions: Whether it’s a bright sunny day or cloudy and overcast, you’ll get all of the benefits of these golf specific lenses.

I’ve worn my Crossrange sunglasses for a variety of activities: driving, the beach, golf, tennis and working outside. For golf, they seem to eliminate distortion and give better depth perception, making greens easier to read and breaks more pronounced. Now if they could only swing the putter!

With Oakley’s new Crossrange sunglasses, you’ll bridge the gap between the everyday lifestyle you and your active, playful side. The new Crossrange XL Prizm Golf sunglasses come in a variety of lenses and retail for between $180 – $210.00. You can find them at www.oakley.com.


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