Old Trapper Jerky – The Perfect Snack On or Off the Course


Over fifty years ago outside Tillamook, Oregon, Old Trapper began smoking jerky in the back of a small roadside grocery. After years of hard work and sacrifice Old Trapper had grown to become a favorite among his fellow jerky-loving Oregonians and connoisseurs nationwide. Today Old Trapper is the country’s second-largest beef jerky manufacturer. Trapper says, ‘Beef Jerky is our work and we do it well, using only the best lean strips of beef, the freshest seasonings, and real wood-fired smoke.’

But who is Old Trapper? A man of few words, the Trapper’s writings and photographs reveal a man of uncommon  sophistication possessing a keen sense of humour and sharp insight into the modern world. He also displays little patience for the so-called conveniences he believes makes our lives so much more complicated. Some believe he has magical powers though that hasn’t been proven conclusively. In spite of the unknowns, one thing remains certain, Old Trapper knows his beef.  In the end, we are all better for it.

Complemented by continuous investments in state-of-the-art processes resulting in top-quality products, Old Trapper offers a full line of high-quality naturally smoked meat snacks. The company sent me a sampling of all their different jerky flavors and I shared them with my golf buddies. We were impressed with the freshness, tenderness, dramatic flavor offerings, and how easy they were to enjoy on the golf course.

Recently recognized as one of the best beef jerky by Taste of Home Magazine, Old Trapper’s commitment to quality and transparency is clear. Their family-size 18-ounce sized bags are now available nationwide. Old Trapper’s new size is a result of consumer demand for larger sharing-size bags. All four of their signature flavors are included-Old Fashioned, Peppered, Teriyaki and Hot & Spicy are now more accessible than ever. Visit OldTrapper.com to order yours or find out where they are available in your area.

David Daubert

David has been writing about golf since the turn of the century. He was Managing Editor at a regional golf magazine for 11 years, published in Canada, the IAGTO and a Staff Writer for The Georgia Golf Trail. His insightful perspective brings golf to life.

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