Peach Fuzz Bursts Into Golf


Don’t all lady golfers want to be radiant with warmth and modern elegance?

That rhetorical question notwithstanding, the characteristics describe “peach fuzz,” the 2024 Pantone Color Institute “Color of the Year” that’s also avowed as being a magnet for closeness and connections.

Lisa O’Hurley follows these trends with an eagle eye.  That’s why the Founder and CEO of LOHLA SPORT – the popular premium ladies’ golf-lifestyle apparel lining discerning shops across America – incorporated the soft, orangey-pink hue in the brand’s new 2024 spring-summer “At the Drive-In” collection.

The sophisticated, resort-sport line boasts Hollywood-style looks personifying those in popular classic movies.  Coordinated tops, bottoms, skorts, outerwear and accessories are influenced by iconic female stars, imagery from movie posters and prints and patterns depicted in 1950s film heritage and more contemporary sliver-screen award winners.

Enter peach fuzz.  It anchors the collection’s first capsule, La La Land, based on the 2016 hit film starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, 2016.  Featuring peach fuzz – “sunrise” in LOHLA SPORT vernacular – throughout, it embodies the fun, frolic and distinguished style characterizing Los Angeles.  Revel in the brand’s debut collaboration with Alpine Cashmere for an L.A. Skyline scarf.

Other new capsules:

  • Barefoot in the Park (Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, 1967) – Showcases the all-time great pairing of pink and Masters-oriented green (set against navy and white) as well as the still-hot “Barbie” pink known as LOHLA SPORT’s “cotton candy” hue, that’s perfect for Masters week. Available in March.
  • Viva Las Vegas (Ann-Margaret, Elvis Presley, 1964) – Accentuates the upcoming popular color of off-red tropicana paired with mirage blue set against navy with gold accents. The Art Walk skort and jacket represent the perfect set for summer.  Available in April.
  • Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, 1953) – Features trendy color “butter” and a creamy, light yellow set against blueberry for a European look. Roman Holiday includes the brand’s second cashmere collaboration of the Blueberry Stars scarf.  Available in May.
  • Varsity Blues (Amy Smart, Jon Voight, 1999)Spirited red, white and blue with new color blocking celebrates Memorial Day and July 4th The track suit and side panels are especially slimming.  Available in June.

Rooted in fun, classy, sophisticated, flattering and on-trend European designs with feminine Hollywood flair, At the Drive-In styles, available in XXS to XXL, are made of fine-quality fabrics sourced worldwide and optimize athletic movements.

Top golf courses, country clubs and resorts across America are ordering At the Drive-In pieces in droves.  LOHLA SPORT global ambassador Annika Sorenstam wears collection pieces on and off the golf course.

“Fashion in these timeless movies aligns with the effortless individualism found in the At the Drive-in collection,” says Lisa O’Hurley, Founder and CEO of LOHLA SPORT.  “When wearing our clothes, ladies feel hip, edgy and liberated in a devastatingly refined, attractive and luxe way.”

Complementing the At the Drive-In capsules and worn stand-alone are popular, year-round core pieces, including:

  • The Golf Fitness Pull-On Pant – Worn under skorts and akin to a workout tight, it is purposely thicker, becoming the ideal golf-yoga pant. Back pockets make it country club appropriate.
  • The “Very Pant” – The four-pocket, full, four-way stretch pant is offered in several colors, including core navy, black, white, red and other seasonal favorites. Inspiration comes from the J. Peterman character in “Seinfeld” whose famous line “The Very Pant I’ve been searching for all my life” is part of sitcom lore.

All LOHLA SPORT styles promote chic, made-for-play comfort that’s catapulted its creation of a massive “Golfleisure” movement akin to Lululemon’s “Athleisure” craze.

Back to peach fuzz.  As movie reviewers say, “run, don’t walk” to see the film.  The same goes for LOHLA SPORT’s just-released offerings.

Rich Katz

Rich Katz is Founder and CEO of Katz Strategy, a golf business and marketing advisory firm. One of golf’s most networked executives for 30-plus years, he founded golf-marketer Buffalo Agency (now Buffalo Groupe), was agent to PGA TOUR players and held leadership positions at Billy Casper Golf.

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