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Perfect Release – Gain Clubhead Speed and Distance Quickly and Effectively


When you open up the Perfect Release package and take a look at the product, you might ask yourself: “can something like this really help my golf swing?” The answer is a resounding “yes.”

The Perfect Release uses a flexible cord connected between the golf club and lead arm. It quickly relaxes the grip, sets the golf club on plane, maintains a square clubface, induces the release of the golf club and promotes a positive body turn.

The Perfect Release works because the tension supplied by the specially designed elastic cord creates the need for the golfer to synchronize their body turn and arm swing which in turn delivers a “perfect release.” And, by keeping the cord slightly tense at the top of the backswing you insure that a solid and consistent angle between the arm and club shaft has been created. The Perfect Release takes the weight of the golf club out of your hands, allowing you to relax your grip completely.  This leads to a more neutral grip. And a relaxed grip is the most important basic to any golfers’ ability to make the golf swing look so effortless yet powerful.

Not only does the Perfect Release promote a relaxed grip, it creates the need for a solid alignment of your hands, arms and club head. Any breakdown in this alignment and you will both see and feel it immediately. The Perfect Release teaches you to maintain a solid alignment of your hands, arms and golf club with a relaxed grip, throughout the golf swing. This will lead to increased clubhead speed, which in turn leads to more distance, better shot making and hopefully lower scores.

I must admit, it took longer to get the Perfect Release on my arm and aligned correctly than it did to see results. By gripping the club lighter and letting the clubhead do the work, I began to see results immediately. After using the Perfect Release for only a few days on the range, I quickly gained more clubhead speed and more distance. I also lost the little “tail” I had on the ball.

The Perfect Release will work with any club in your bag and adjusts quickly and easily. It also works well for chipping and pitching. For more information on the Perfect Release or to purchase online, you can visit them online at www.perfectrelease.com.


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