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Ping Driver1 So much for the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. The PING G30 driver spent most of 2015 at or near the top of the Best Selling Drivers of the Year category is being phased out after less than two years.

For players who currently own a G30, upgrade may be a bit of a stretch. The differences are mainly aesthetic and audible. Most players agree, the new G Series sounds better.
Visually, one of the first things you notice about the G Series driver are the “ridges” on the crown.

Yes, the Turbulators are still there, right behind the face, although they have been redesigned as far as shape and size go. Towards the rear of the crown you will see PING’s new Dragonfly technology. The engineers at PING spent a great deal of time analyzing the dragonfly’s intricate wing pattern to design ultra-thin crown sections.
While the Turbulators disrupt airflow over the top of the clubhead to ultimately increase swing speed, Dragonfly technology adds extreme CG and maximizes MOI. The crowns of the G Series are also a more pronounced dome shape, which allows airflow to better “stick” to the surface as the driver head approaches impact.

Dragonfly technology has allowed PING to create a titanium crown that is well below what their engineers ever thought possible. The weight savings in the crown has been moved to the sole, making the CG lower and deeper. In layman’s terms, this increases distance by increasing both loft and MOI while at the same time maximizing forgiveness.

The titanium T9S clubface is thinner too, producing a better trampoline effect and launching the ball at higher speeds. It’s lighter as well, which also contributes to moving the CG lower and deeper.

The addition of Dragonfly technology is not the only aerodynamic change made with the G Series. Vortec Technology, which is clearly labeled in the rear of the club, reduces turbulence during the downswing for faster clubhead speed which aids in stability and forgiveness, thus generating more distance. Think of Vortec like the spoiler on the back of a race car.

At set up, the G Series driver has a unique look to it with the Turbulators and Dragonfly ridges. When you hit the ball, the sound is not nearly as harsh as Ping Driver2the G30. I found that my ball flight was a little higher than other drivers with the same loft, so if you are between settings, better to go down than up. I like the shape of the G Series better than the G30 too; it is sleeker with a little bit more of a pear shape to it.

The forgiveness of this driver is incredible; balls not struck cleanly on the face suffered little in the way of reduced distance. Some even seemed to produce better roll.

While many companies move towards an adjustable weight system to control CG and ball flight, PING has decided that three different G models provide enough variation in shot trajectories that it will suit the majority of golfers. Most will find the Standard model best suited to their game; better golfers looking to maximize their roll will favor the LS Tec while slicers will enjoy the SF Tec, with more draw bias than the G30 SF Tec, helping to keep the ball in play. All three G drivers use Ping’s high-friction face finish, which reduces spin.

Launch can be adjusted +/- 1° with five settings using the provided adjustment tool. The G Series driver is available in two factory loft settings – 9° and 10.5°and with four different models of shafts: Alta 55, Tour 65, Tour 80 and TFC 80D. All are available in several flexes so check with your local authorized PING dealer to see which one is best for you. Retail price is $399. For more information, visit the PING website at

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