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Polara Golf Balls – The Golf Ball That Eliminates the Slice


Two scientists, Daniel Nepela and Fred Holmstrom developed the original Polara golf ball. Polara’s original dimple pattern was unique; six rows of normal dimples on its equator, and very shallow dimples elsewhere. The asymmetrical dimple pattern was a breakthrough in aerodynamic design that helped the ball self-adjust its spin-axis during the flight and thus enabled the ball to correct slices and hooks in flight.

You would think that a golf ball that makes this type of claim would fly off the shelf and, when the Polara golf ball was first offered for sale in 1977, it did. Then the USGA dealt Polara a setback. It agreed with their claim that the ball did in fact correct hooks and slices making it illegal for tournament play. What’s more, to get the Polara golf ball to work correctly, it had to be properly aligned along the target line.

The USGA went on to change the rules of golf that had been around for about 300 years and in 1981 created the Symmetry rule. In a nutshell this rule states that a ball must perform essentially the same regardless of how the surface is designed or how it is placed on a tee. This rule outlawed Polara golf balls from being used in USGA sanctioned tournaments. In 1985, the USGA and Polara reached a settlement in which Polara was paid $1.4M and the golf balls were removed from market. This lead to an antitrust lawsuit filed by Polara against the USGA.

Flash forward to August 2010 and Aero-X Golf, Inc the new owner of the Polara technology does extensive research on why the ball does what it does and improves on the original design. Aero-X Golf re-introduces two new and improved Polara golf balls with Self-Correcting Technology: The Polara Ultimate Straight 2-piece ball and the Polara Ultimate Straight XS, 3-piece ball. A third Polara golf ball, the Polara Ultimate Distance made its debut in the fall of 2010. With a tungsten-enhanced high velocity core and optimized extreme-distance aerodynamics, the 2-piece Polara Ultimate Distance golf ball increases driver distance up to 20 yards or longer. All three Polara golf balls have the same number of dimples (386) and are designed for recreational golfers that want to take advantage of technology improvements that enable them to enjoy the game more.

Polara golf balls with Self-Correcting Technology™ were recently tested by Golf Laboratories, the leading independent golf testing laboratory in San Diego, California. The golf robot was set-up to hit balls under several different slice swing conditions. Under all test conditions, the Self-Correcting Technology™ golf balls were demonstrably straighter than two of the most popular balls in golf, validating the claim that the Polara Ultimate Straight and the Polara Super Straight correct hooks and slices by up to 75%.

I found the “sliceless” claim hard to swallow; I just had to see the results for myself. Since I have been fortunate enough to get rid of my slice over the years, I took a less fortunate friend with me. The results were truly amazing. A tee shot that he used to spend 10 minutes looking for in the woods on the right was now going down the middle of the fairway – and far! The same thing happened with the irons – straight and down the middle.

If you are having trouble fixing your hook or slice and have exhausted most avenues to fix the problem, then the Polara Self Correcting Golf Ball might be the answer. Of course, you could always visit your local club professional and break the “if you can’t beat it, join it” mentality. The Polara ball will make the game a lot more enjoyable for all level of golfers; it will also hopefully speed up the pace of play. Using Polara golf balls is guaranteed to improve the game, increase accuracy and lower the score for every golfer. Polara Golf’s mission is to make the game of golf more fun. For more information about Polara Golf, visit www.polaragolf.com or call 866-556-3100.


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