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ProSleeve – A Better Way to Practice


The ProSleeve is the most revolutionary and innovative practice aid to hit the market in years. ProSleeve allows a golfer to dispense golf balls one at a time or all at once for practice and then picks them up with ease. ProSleeve allows you to practice all the short game shots you encounter in regular play with the same brand and type of golf ball you play.

The ProSleeve is a smaller version of the old standby, the Shag Bag. ProSleeve has an innovative trigger design that dispenses balls one at a time. The trigger is hinged which allows the unit to folds up out of the way for easy storage and to easily fit into your golf bag.

ProSleeve is designed to help golfers improve their skills on and around the green by making it easier to practice their putting and chipping with the type and brand of golf ball they play regularly. Practicing with the brand and type of golf ball you play with is important to improving these short game shots and therefore is an effective way to lower your total score. ProSleeve allows the golfer to place up to 14 golf balls strategically around the practice green, to chip and putt the shots you want to perfect, and then pick up the golf balls with ease, never having to bend over. Now you can practice like Phil Mickelson, releasing one ball at a time in a circle around the cup. ProSleeve maximizes practice time by allowing the golfer to make more shots with less effort in less time. After practicing around the green with a specific brand of golf ball, a golfer can become very familiar with how that ball will react in various situations.

Here’s a challenge: fill the ProSleeve with the exact same ball that is currently in your bag. If you are like most amateur golfers, you go to the range and practice your chipping and pitch shots with plain old range balls. When you start practicing with the balls you play regularly, you will see a marked difference in the results; especially in the area of backspin. With range balls, it’s next to impossible to get a ball to exhibit any tendency to want to stop quickly when it first lands on the green. After only one practice session with the ProSleeve, it was obvious that practicing with my game ball was going to really improve my short game. What’s in it for you? If you use a ProSleeve and practice with your normal ball, you will find yourself with shorter putts after those chips and pitches; the key to making par. The same for your putting, you’ll have more “tap-in” second putts then you ever dreamed of.
The ProSleeve retails for $39.95. For more information on ProSleeve and where you can purchase it, visit their website at www.prosleevegolf.com.


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