PXG Apparel Unveils Fashion-Forward Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Renee Parsons Brings Fresh Perspective to Golf Fashion


Drawing on PXG’s reputation for game-changing innovation and quality, and driven by a desire to bring a fresh perspective to golf fashion, PXG today unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 Apparel Collection. Under the direction of PXG President of Apparel, Renee Parsons, the golf equipment juggernaut has seamlessly blended performance and style with its latest release.

The PXG Spring/Summer 2020 Collection includes more than forty limited-edition pieces. Each piece – from polo to pullover, skirt to sweater – designed to empower men and women to express themselves with confidence and live boldly on and off the course.

“From first light to last call, we all want to look and feel good in our clothing,” Renee Parsons shared. “PXG’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection is both performance-focused and fashion-forward, embracing the demands of the day and delivering comfortable elegance for golfers and non-golfers alike.”

The new collection presents clean designs, intricate details, luxurious fabrics, and sophisticated tailoring. Performance features include two-way stretch, quick-drying technology, and moisture-wicking. Innovative fiber construction and high quality, raw materials provide additional shape retention and offer enhanced durability on the course.

Down to the signature color chosen for the PXG Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, every detail matters. This season, limited-edition Lilac statement pieces add a playfulness and vitality to PXG’s classic, monochrome color palette.

“Fusing together my love of golf and fashion, this limited-edition Spring/Summer Collection of statement-making pieces will add a fresh vibrance to our customer’s wardrobes, on and off the course,” Parsons added.

For more information or to view PXG’s fresh new collection, visit www.PXG.com/apparel.

Brian Weis

Publisher of GolfGuide.com.

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