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On hot sunny days, sunglasses on the golf course are as essential as shorts and bottled water. If you are like me, I cannot play a round without my shades. Like so many others, I need protection from the sun’s harmful glare.

Inevitably, every year I break or lose a pair of sunglasses which results in a serious conundrum. Do I once again invest in a quality brand name that matches my golf attire and fashion sense, or do I buy a cheap pair at the grocery checkout isle. Knowing full well that my new pair of shades will one day meet their maker?

During the 2017 PGA Show, I found my next pair of sunglasses –  a pair of Wrap Around REKS with Lumilox polarized lenses.

Never heard of REKS? They are a revolutionary opticsbrand who combined shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses with stylish, unbreakable frames. In January 2017, REKS signed PGA Professional Michael Putnam as its first Brand Ambassador. Excuse the pun, but you will be “seeing” more of the brand around the golf course, on tour, and in local proshops.

I was sold on the shades when REKS uttered the phrase, “unbreakable sunglasses.” After hearing the retail price of $50, I quickly reached for my wallet and a second pair.

Stress Test Video:

Active Frame Styles:

For golfers, REKS comes in 6 frame styles offering 100 different lens and frame combinations.

Proprietary Lens Categories:

Solux – These polycarbonate shatter-resistant lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and includes anti-scratch, hydrophobic and antireflective coatings. Available in eight fashion forward shades including smoke, brown and green as well as Revo mirrored red, blue, green, purple and gold. This 100% UV 400 protection lens is perfect for situations where polarization is not desirable. The Solux lens is available in two frame styles and an array of colors.

Lumolux – These polarized lenses reduce irritating reflections and eliminate glare caused by light reflected from water, road, sand or snow, absorbing 100% UV 400 light rays and eliminating 99% of glare. Available in smoke, brown and amber, Revo red and blue and mirrored gold and silver, the Lumolux lens family provides full coverage and guarantees that while wearing REKS polarized eyewear, athletes, drivers and outdoor enthusiasts are protected from 99% of glare as a result of polarized film embedded into the lens. It has anti-scratch and hydrophobic coatings on the front of the lens and an anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens to further eliminate glare. It is available in four frame styles with a broad assortment of frame colors.

Chromalux – This 100% UV 400 protection photochromic lens darkens outdoors and lightens indoors, continuously adjusting to changing light conditions, creating the perfect transitioning tint. It is available in smoke, brown and amber and has a visible light transmission range between 16%-48% providing a range between true sunglass and a light tint. The Chromalux lens is available in two frame styles in a range of colors.

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