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Every year I go to the PGA Merchandise Show and hear about the new and improved club shafts available from assorted companies, new technological advanced golf clubs from manufacturers and new putters from a bunch of people stating they have the cure to your putting problem.

The one thing in over 50 years no one has ever tried to improve is the putter shaft. Companies keep coming out with heavier and larger heads sitting at the end of the same steel shaft, and all these new heads have not made any significant improvement to the average putts made. In fact the larger the head, the bigger possibility to not return the head square to the golf ball on a pendulum swing.

Well someone finally took a scientific look at this opportunity. Barney Adams, the founder of Adams Golf and inventor of Tight Lies Fairway Woods, did the research along with a team of award-winning engineers with over 100 years of experience and came up with The Stability Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology. Breakthrough uses scientifically advanced multi-material design with geometries never before used in a putter shaft. The new shaft has a unique look and a more solid feel than the traditional steel shaft.

CEO Barney states, “When I first learned about the product I knew that it could be significant. It is a huge step forward in technology. What has been rewarding for me is the Stability Shaft works better for amateurs. Pros are great putters and while the shaft does help them, it’s the inconsistency of the amateur that it corrects the most.”

I had the opportunity to have Breakthrough replace my old shaft with their new Stability Shaft. I am a decent golfer and can get the ball on the green in regulation normally. I am not a bad putter. A lot of times it is the inconsistent greens that give me a fit. Just like the guys at the US Open this year, some putts make it to the hole, and some don’t. After getting used to having the new shaft and practicing putts with it, I finally felt comfortable to take it the course. What I found was I was not pushing or pulling my putts as much, and after finding my line and speed, I felt confident the ball was going to stay on line and reach the hole. The more I played with the Stability Shaft on my putter, the more the feel of it in my hands became comfortable and I was squaring the face to the ball more often. My ‘Smash Factor’ at impact improved. Now I believe. The Stability Shaft on my putter is here to stay. My putts per round are down since I put it in the bag.

Although Breakthrough does not pay any professionals to endorse the Stability Shaft, it is being used on both the PGA TOUR and the PGA Tour Champions currently. If it works for me, it will work for you. To learn more or to order one go to

BGT Stability Shaft Assembly

Brian Weis

Publisher of

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