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Swing Coach Review: Golf Swing Aid


The Swing Coach  is simple to use: It looks like a golf club and you swing it like one, which propels a real golf ball attached to the special cradle in the club head. Make a swing, watch how the ball flies, and immediately sense what is right and wrong with the swing. Swing Coach can teach you to make the right swing at any swing speed, from pitch shots to drives, all with the same tool. The secret to Swing Coach is its patented cradle technology.

Developed with guidance and collaboration from some of the world’s top golf coaches, led by Dean Reinmuth. Dean has coached numerous Tour players including Phil Mickelson and is both a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 50 teacher. Swing Coach promotes making a proper smooth, accelerating swing by removing the urge to “hit” the ball.

Swing Coach is supported by a web site and full platform of instructional videos by Reinmuth, as well as simple explanations for analyzing ball flights and their meaning. Just 15 to 30 minutes of practice with Swing Coach is all that’s necessary to see real improvement in golf swings and develop the muscle memory necessary to make great swings. It can work for new and developing golfers as well as better players.

Suggested retail price is $129. Swing Coach is available starting November 15, 2016, via online orders or at major golf retailers starting in 2017. For additional information, access the web site at swingcoachclub.com.


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