Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Tournament Experience at Golf Academy of America

http://www.golfacademy.edu Thousands of golf tournaments are held every year in the United States.

Golf Academy of America gets its students ready to organize, plan, manage, score and administer successful golf tournaments of all types. Once each week, students participate in a golf tournament on a different local course.

“The tournaments are great,” one student says. “Just the opportunity to go out and play a competitive round and not just going out with your buddies on Sundays. It’s a great experience.”

In addition to learning more about their own games, students get to see tournaments from two sides. As players, they learn what they want out of a tournament. As golf tournament organizers, they learn the proper ways to conduct a successful tournament.

The tournaments culminate in the Player’s Championship, where the top 30 students in points from the school get together to compete at a high-caliber course.

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