True Temper XP 95 Shafts – Better Trajectory and More Distance


This past February, the engineers at True Temper Golf Shafts took it upon themselves to create some pretty impressive performance enhancing golf club iron shafts. The new XP 95 and XP 105 shafts optimize trajectory in a superlight weight design. Better trajectory means extra yards and that’s something all golfers are looking for. Compared with competitive products, the XP shafts are one of the longest and most forgiving steel iron shafts in the game today. In fact, player testing has shown an average of 6-8 yards improvement in carry distance with many players seeing double-digit yardage gains.

trueThe XP 95 is an ultralight shaft and weighs in at a mere 95 grams (hence the name) and the XP 105 weighs – you guessed it – 105 grams. Both shafts are designed to deliver maximum peak trajectory for explosive distance. Standard and speed steps were combined in the XP 95 shafts to ensure the ultimate combination of maximum ball speed and dispersion control. These shafts are also an excellent option for players wanting a higher ball flight with a moderate ball spin.

All True Temper shafts are created using the company’s proprietary Gold Manufacturing Process. This process guarantees that all specifications maintain consistency throughout each set with respect to weight tolerances, taper rates, wall thickness changes, proven tip reinforcement and balance points. By doing this, True Temper XP shafts deliver unmatched shot repeatability. The True Tempe XP 95 shafts have become standard equipment in such big name irons as Callaway Apex and Titleist.

In order to make room in the product lineup, True Temper is shelving a couple of similar shafts – the (green) GS-85 and (red) GS-95 – will be retired at the end of the year to make room for the XP 95, which spec-wise fits right between the two.

The Dynalite Gold XP line is being bid farewell to at the end of the year as well to make way for the XP 105 series. The XP 105 shafts are 7 grams lighter than the comparable Dynalite Gold XP, which helps golfers gain more swing speed and distance.

Over the past couple of months I have been playing the XP 95 regular flex shafts in my Miura CB-501 irons. I have experienced a few extra yards in each iron but what has really been impressive is the higher trajectory these shafts deliver. And there is no ballooning with the shot, it’s more of a piercing trajectory. The ball lands soft with not a lot of spin. I have a lot more confidence now when I get behind those big trees!

XP 95 and XP 105 shafts are available at all major golf retailers including Golfsmith. For more information on the XP 95 and XP 105 shafts, visit the True Temper website at

David Theoret

David Theoret has been in the golf and golf travel industry for over 12 years, primarily selling online advertising. For the past seven years, he has also been a golf writer, reviewing golf courses, resorts, destinations, equipment, golf apparel, and training aids – the latter of which never seems to help. What started as a dream years ago, by God’s grace, became a reality in 2015 when The Golfin’ Guy editorial marketing company was founded. Working together with golf course designer Ron Garl; David’s articles and reviews have been posted on many golf travel, equipment, and apparel websites.

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