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GolfLogix is widely regarded for its highly detailed course information that can be accessed readily and easily from a user’s smartphone. The #1 most downloaded golf app across smartphones, GolfLogix’s specialty is providing specific details such as yardage, GPS, and 3D course terrain imagery to golfers worldwide, making it the best golf yardage app for golfers of all levels.

Determining yardage to the green is a relatively new luxury for golfers, and GolfLogix integrates this information into its robust mapping feature to assist in each round of a game. The yardage works as follows:

  1. A golfer opens GolfLogix before their round, and immediately accesses unprecedented information regarding the course terrain. The centimeter-by-centimeter bird’s eye view allows the user to zoom in, and auto-orients depending on where the user is standing. This is especially helpful if it’s the user’s first time on the course.
    The contours of the course are visually available because of the laser screening photography, which shows the terrain in great detail, including any elevation changes or slopes. This 3D mapping feature is offered for over 35,000 courses worldwide.
  2. The GolfLogix technology then employs its detailed terrain information to determine the exact yardage from where the golfer is standing to any point on the green. Yardage details aid in critical factors, such as driving distance. It helps to orient the golfer on what type of swing or putt is needed to play their best round.
    The ‘Approach View’ also helps the golfer’s game. It allows them to see how the ball will land and roll, dependent on the course’s terrain.
  3. All of the golfer’s performance statistics are tracked within the app. When the ball lands, the golfer can see statistics including driving distance, if they had a fairways hit, or if they achieved a green in regulation. These statistics help them for their next swing or putt, and can also contribute to improved performance over time.
    This stat-tracking is also uploaded to the GolfLogix ‘clubhouse,’ alongside other golfers’ statistics. Users can then compare and compete if they choose.
  4. Exact break within the app is also crucial for GolfLogix’s Putt Line feature. Before putting, the GolfLogix user can draw a line in the app from where they’re standing to the hole to see how the putt will break. This wouldn’t be possible without the exact yardage details, which informs the golfer on how best to direct their putt.
    GolfLogix offers two rounds free upon download, and all Plus Membership options are available by subscription. To experience the improvement that results from enhanced information on yardage and course terrain, try GolfLogix, the #1 most downloaded golf app, for your next game.
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