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Bettinardi’s BB line for 2024

Bettinardi’s latest BB line of putters are milled from 303 stainless steel with a black PVD finish and include six blade models and one mallet head plus a left-handed model.

Fast Facts Bettinardi 2024 BB Putters
303 Stainless steel milled heads
Perpetual Flymill Face Milling
Black Pearl PVD finish
Stock shaft: Black PVD Tour Grade
Head weight 352g except BB28
BB1 ½ toe hang
BB1 Wide 1/3 toe hang
BB8 Flow ¾ toe hang
BB28 Slotback 1/8 toe hang
BB28 Slotback Center ¼ toe hang
BB28 Slotback Armlock 400g weight 1/8 toe hang
BB48 1/3 toe hang
Priced at $450 each

Bob Bettinardi’s newest models for the 2024 BB line of putters share many characteristics of those which preceded but with some relatively minor redesigns to improve performance making use of input from Tour pros that play with them each week.

Said Bettinardi, “Working alongside our elite Tour staff and engineering team, we re-balanced each head aligning the Center of Gravity and moving the sweet spot into a more natural alignment with the eye. Every putt feels incredibly balanced and consistent.”

Rebalancing of the heads changed the location of the center of gravity and involved modifying the shape shoulders and bumpers, so the head aligned more easily at address. Heads of the BB series are all milled from one piece of 303 stainless steel and the faces with Bettinardi’s unique face milling which has been reworked to improve the sound—a critical factor in putter performance feedback. Face milling lines are slightly curved towards the heel and toe in a distinctive pattern to help achieve a consistent roll.


Golf Tourism Solutions Names Ryan Cannon New Executive Director

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Golf Tourism Solutions (GTS), the agency responsible for promoting Myrtle Beach as a golf destination, has hired Ryan Cannon as its new executive director.

Cannon, who will begin his tenure at GTS on January 2, 2024, brings 23 years of experience at the highest levels of the game to golf’s most popular travel destination.

As the executive director of GTS, Cannon will develop and operationalize the organization’s strategy at the direction of the Board of Directors while serving as the lead advocate for the Myrtle Beach area golf industry.

“With a deep passion for the game and a wealth of experience, Ryan will bring a fresh perspective to the market,” said Dave Genevro, chairman of Golf Tourism Solutions’ Board of Directors and general manager of Barefoot Resort & Golf. “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Ryan, and I, along with the entire Golf Tourism Solutions Board, believe his vision and leadership will help elevate an already thriving destination to even greater heights.”

“I want to thank Dave Genevro and the GTS board for placing their trust in me,” Cannon said. “Through decades of vision, collaboration, and legendary hospitality, the golf course owners, operators, and travel providers in Myrtle Beach have created the most unique golf destination in the world.

“I’m humbled and honored to represent the GTS membership, and excited to lead the talented GTS team as we elevate and promote all that The Golf Capital of the World has to offer.”

Prior to joining GTS, Cannon served as executive vice president of Outlyr, a global agency specializing in event management, sponsorship consulting, and brand activation.

Prior to Outlyr, Cannon held multiple leadership roles during a 21-year career with the PGA of America. While at the PGA, Cannon was the senior director of PGA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA with the mission to impact lives through golf. In five years, Cannon helped double PGA REACH’s programmatic impact and annual fundraising while also overseeing all brand building, marketing and communications efforts.

Cannon also served as the director of four PGA Championships including Oakland Hills Country Club in 2008, Atlanta Athletic Club in 2011, Oak Hill Country Club in 2013, and 2016 at Baltusrol Golf Club.

After graduating from East Tennessee State University with a BBA in Marketing, Cannon began working at the PGA of America as an operations coordinator for the 2001 PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club. He was quickly elevated to operations manager for the 35th Ryder Cup at Oakland Hills, earned his MBA from Michigan State, and began his rapid ascent within the organization.

Cannon is an Associate member of the PGA of America and expects to become a fulltime member in 2024.

Cannon will relocate to the Myrtle Beach area later this month.

About Golf Tourism Solutions
GTS is a marketing, technology and events-based organization in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. GTS provides a broad array of services, including email marketing, website design, social media and content production, targeting public and private clubs and real estate developments.

GTS owns and operates the Omni Tee Sheet, licensing the technology out to more than 100 different golf courses and golf-related businesses.

GTS has full responsibility for a thriving tournament division, headlined by the World Amateur Handicap Championship. The company runs 11 events, including the Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship, and brings more than 20,000 rounds of golf and room nights to Myrtle Beach.

For more information, go to


Innovative and Exciting!

The FJ Flex #56287 Golf Shoe
One of the most important pieces of golf equipment is shoes. Over the years I have reviewed many brands, material compositions, spiked and spikeless, laced and BOA Fit System shoes.
And, one of the very best, and in my humble opinion, is the FootJoy FJ Flex, Style 56287 golf shoe.

This shoe stands out alone amongst the plethora of so many different styles and material varieties being offered in the golf shoe domain.

It’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is it is an “easy wearing”, great looking, modern, sneaker style shoe with the mesh type fabric enhancing the comfortableness I prefer in a golf shoe. It is like comfort food so to speak, and I find it to be a very enjoyable and well-supported shoe, which is of paramount importance especially, at my senior level status. Its mesh uppers provide an extremely comfortable fit and breathability.

What I truly like/love about this particular shoe is the performance mesh material which gives me incredible all-day wearability both off and on the course. I love the color selections offered (black, navy/grey, white, and grey) and the wide size options are always a plus!

Another USP of the shoe is the StratoLite cushioning designed specificallyfor golf – it absorbs walking impact and returns energy for an extremely comfortable feel.

On support of the shoe, a soft EVA midsole provides increased underfoot cushioning, enhanced comfort, and exceptional stability.
As for traction, the VersaTrax outsole is engineered with traction elements to create an outsole that is perfect for on course performance with wear-to-the-course versatility. Each traction zone is maximized during your swing and provides exceptional grip when walking the course.

Best part of the shoe is the $99.99 price!

REKS Sunglasses
These REKS Trivex sunglasses are, in my opinion, the very best sunglasses for golf! And, even better, they are also available for prescription users.

REKS designed their non-polarized golf lens to have a lighter tint than a full sunglass, allowing more light into the eye resulting in a more precise visual experience. The Trivex precision GOLF lens feature REKS’ rose amber tinted lens for superior contrast enhanced with a multi-layer silver mirror on the front. REKS also has a brown polarized Trivex® Color-Boosting® lens preferred by many golfers for its superior contrast qualities and the glare reduction produced by polarization.
Unmatched Clarity and Color Enhancement
Trivex® lenses are known for their unrivaled clarity, but when combined with Color-Boosting technology, they offer a visual experience that is second to none. The lenses are infused with special dyes during the manufacturing process, which heightens the contrast and makes colors appear more vivid and distinct. This is not just beneficial for everyday wear, but can be particularly advantageous for activities like golfing, where seeing the subtle contours and hues of the green can improve your game.
Impact Resistance and Durability
One of the cornerstones of Trivex® lenses is their incredible strength. They are crafted to be shatter-resistant, providing peace of mind for those with active lifestyles or for anyone who demands more from their glasses. This robustness does not come at the cost of comfort, as Trivex® lenses are also lightweight, making them ideal for extended wear.
100% UV Protection
Protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun is a critical aspect of eye health. Trivex® Color-Boosting lenses offer 100% UV protection, ensuring that while you are enjoying the enhanced colors and contrast, your eyes are also shielded from potential damage. These high impact resistant lenses are treated with hydrophobic, scratch resistant, and anti-reflective coatings designed for improved performance. The intelligent warrior values the all-day comfoREKS frame styles, but personally, the Sling-Blade model works great for me as there is no frame edge below eye level. REKS offers a dozen iconic styled frames including wrap around styles. All REKS frames are unbreakable, yet weigh less than 1 ounce, and all have REKS Soft Touch® rubberized finish for amazing comfort and feel.
The SLING-BLADE is mission specific. Maximum performance in the precise confines of serious competition. Tinted lenses and unbreakable frame material let you see it through to the end.
REKS’s polarized Trivex Color Boosting lenses are engineered to reduce glare off horizontal surfaces such as water, sand and roads and are especially good for outdoor sports. Polarization reduces eye strain, improves clarity, and enhances colors.
REKS’s Trivex sunglasses start at $75.00 and their HD Trivex Prescription sunglasses start at $175.00.
All REKS’s eyewear carry a 2-year warranty covering frame damage, a hard protective case with zipper, and a 30-day,100 percent, no questions asked, money back guarantee, with free shipping and returns on all orders to the US.
REKS’s customer service is outstanding!
I encourage you to visit their site for special offers and detailed information on their eyewear.

Club Champion’s mission is to help golfers shoot lower scores by custom fitting every club to the individual. Each one of their locations features industry-leading technology and thousands of club combinations, ensuring your bag is properly suited to your game. From putters to wedges to woods, their master club fitters will remove any worries you have in your equipment to give you complete confidence through the bag.

This week, Club Champion is giving our readers access to their most generous offer of the year. Get a $100 full-bag fitting or $50 single-club fitting when you book using the code 100Holiday and purchase a club following your fitting. Fittings must be booked before December 4, 2023 and completed before January 31, 2024. Head over to, to find your closest Club Champion store and be ready to hit the ground running next year.

The SIDEWALK Putting Mat System & StrikeItblind the Short Game Plate Training Aids
The average golfer will take between 30 to 40 putts per round of golf – roughly 40% of their shots. Yet, I challenge you to go to your locl club or driving range, and find the average golfer that spends 40% of their practice time dedicated to putting.
The Sidewalk is a tool that enables you to work on your putting both at home and on the course. Its simple concept will make you an expert on reading the break, distance and speed to straight.
That’s why PGA tour players love this product. Steve Alker of the PGA Tour Champions is a huge proponent of the SIDEWALK putting system. So if you want some more confidence over those testy par putts on the course, this is the best product to help you lower your scores.

The SHORT GAME PLATE StrikeItblind is going to help your chipping, pitching, and bunker game. For brevity, this description below covers just pitching. For full details on all BlindStrikeGolf’s products and videos, visit their website.
Pitching – Pitching is the only move in golf where we are using the right hand (right handed players, left for left handed players, respectfully) to produce the strike.
It mirrors a tennis forehand motion where a player cocks the club up in the back swing, but uses the motion of rotation of the body to deliver the club through the ball. It’s not a hit, it is a rotation. The inventor and founder of BlindStrikeGolf, Dutch Skiver, refers to this motion “Cock it and Pocket”.
The BlindStrikeGolf short game plate StrikeItBlind produces the environment needed to accomplish it every time.
FYI, I personally use both The SIDEWALK putting mat ($69.95) and the StrikeItBlind Putting and Short Game Package ($149.95). is a wonderful resource for all their training aids being offered AND carries the endorsement of the PGTAA (


The Bluetooth, rechargeable Lithium Ion Wingman View allows you to listen to your favorite tunes and get both audible and visual distances around the course. It features high quality audio combined with a viewable LCD screen that provides distance and music information.
The Wingman View features the same outstanding sound quality you’ve come to expect from Bushnell Golf, with a new LCD screen that provides visual distance and music information.
Get audible distance readings, from 36,000+ courses worldwide, through the Wingman View by simply pressing the remote button.

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America – PGTAA
Become a PGTAA Professional Golf Teacher
Isn’t your spouse always telling you how much they love golf, have the knack for teaching golf, especially kids, and would like to change their life’s direction?
Well, now they can, by enrolling in the PGTAA’s Home Study Course or On Site School. The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America has been certifying both men and women golf teachers since 1997.
Amongst its many graduate members are the likes of Gary Gilchrist, Mark Immelman, Dr. Patrick Cohn, and Michael Kletz, all who are very highly regarded, both for their teaching skills and clientele. PGTAA graduates can also be found at many well-known golf courses, such as Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines and at many universities, such as Columbus State, GA, Waynesburg University, PA, and Brevard College, NC, to name a few. I am personally involved with the PGTAA.
For more specific details visit $995.00 Home Study Course $2,495.00 OnSite Course

Logo Chip Business Cards

I use these logo chips for the PGTAA, PGA Tour players, and for my golf writing business cards. Of course, I also use them as ball markers
The response is always complimentary and golfers are enamored with the chips. These logo chips are so cool!
As a holiday special ask for the FREE 100 chips when speaking to Mike.

Why continue handing out paper business cards when business card chips can be your all -in -1 Business Card?

Golf Ball Marker for Clients
Tee Gift to Sponsor Golf Tourneys
Event Giveaway
Magnetic Chips for Advertising (only .20 more)
Promo- Redeemable Coupon Chips

Call or email Mike Blake ( and mention my name, Barry Lotz..

Happy shopping, happy holidays and enjoy your new toys, equipment and clothes!

Groovy Barry Manilow-Inspired Hoodies Lady Golfers

Sure, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are mega-popular holiday shopping days.  That said, and with nary an attempt to burst conventional bubbles, most gifts are purchased in December.

That’s where LOHLA SPORT comes in with an awesome 50% off deal (now $75) on one of its most popular ladies’ golf-lifestyle apparel styles from the first to the last day in the 12th month.  Yes, even post-Christmas.

It’s the (drum roll, please) Barry Manilow-inspired hoodie sweatshirt.

So, for casual fans, fervent supporters and hard-core groupies of the legendary crooner, LOHLA SPORT has cooked up a beauty for you.  It is medium weight, navy blue and designed to be worn slightly oversized.  “Her Name is LOHLA, She was a Showgirl” play on words adorns the front in retro, multi-color cursive.  Luxuriously soft and cozy, it is available in XS to XXL.

With increasingly relaxed dress codes at even the swankiest country clubs in the land, hoodies are permitted on most golf courses and in clubhouses.  And LOHLA SPORT’s super-cool take on Manilow nostalgia is popping up on ladies across America.

What’s wrong with wearing a Manilow-inspired hoodie sweatshirt and humming “Copacabana” while traversing fairways?  Nothing.  Golf is meant to be loose and fun, especially for those without Tour ambitions.

Even more apropos for ladies striving to consistently hit it long and straight off the tee, and sink 15-foot putts, are chart-topping Manilow melodies “Ready to Take a Chance Again” and “Looks Like We Made It.”

And while LOHLA SPORT’s special hoodie sweatshirt isn’t water resistant, feel free to laughingly rally to the tune of “I Made it Through the Rain” upon Mother Nature sprinkling some drops.

Coordinate it with LOHLA SPORT leading sellers The Golf Fitness Pull-On Pant and The Very Pant, and you’ll be the envy of your club from neck to ankle.  We’re talking comfortable, country-club appropriate and colorfully sophisticated in a “GolfLeisure” way.

LOHLA SPORT’s eradication of boredom continues with its James Bond-inspired “007” collection, the perfect gift for others and a deserving you.  Laden with mystique and classiness, capsules are named after Bond movies Skyfall, Diamonds are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, Casino Royale and Golden Eye.  Talk about ladies’ self-expressionism on and off the golf course.

Among the most popular styles is the Bond Girl Jacket in rich fall-winter hues that’s cozy on the course – and helps fight off assassins!  All the while, the 007 personality seamlessly blends with European design and L.A. flair that permeates throughout LOHLA SPORT seasonal and core pieces.

Not to worry, LOHLA SPORT’s sporty resort-private-club looks promote fitted styling that’s flattering yet not overtly sexy for myriad body shapes and sizes.  Add to that luxe, soft and functional fabrics from Italy and Paris, and the utmost in TLC from its manufacturing partner in Portugal.

“Our ‘Made for Play’ thesis means each style optimizes athletic movements,” says Lisa O’Hurley, Founder and CEO of LOHLA SPORT.  “We make women look good and feel good about themselves as our styles are versatile in golf, yoga, pickleball, clubhouse and everyday social settings.”

Yes, the Manilow-inspired hoodie sweatshirt is worn while partaking in all types of athletic pursuits.  And at half-off in December, gift givers and recipients show they certainly “Can’t Smile Without You.”


A Winner is Coming to South Dakota

South Dakota is predominantly known for Mount Rushmore.

But there’s a new sheriff coming to America’s 40th state, and it’s in the form of a – drum roll, please – golf course.

Not just any layout though.

Ground has been broken on construction of Mapleton Golf Club, the new private, golf-only escape in Mapleton Township, South Dakota, five miles north of downtown Sioux Falls.

Scheduled to open in mid-2025, the exclusive club will feature an 18-hole championship golf course traversing natural prairies with the look and feel of famous classics Shinnecock and National Golf Links on Long Island, New York.

Renowned golf course architect Scott Hoffman promises wide bent-grass fairways, sloped landing areas, greens with subtle movements and short-grass surrounds for creative recoveries, and bunkers with natural fescue edges.  Extremely short distances from greens to tees will make Mapleton hands-down “one of the easiest walks in all golf.”

“We want to test the best players, but just as important, make Mapleton extremely playable and enjoyable for less accomplished golfers,” says Hoffman whose work includes acclaimed Gozzer Ranch, Lost Rail, Monterey Dunes and Scottsdale National.  “No two holes will be remotely the same and shot values will differ from day to day.”

Across the property’s 210 acres, a landmark, 50-foot, dome-less silo, Slip Up Creek, high ridges, low meadows, mature trees, natural streams and long-range rural views mark golfers’ journeys.  Cottonwoods towering above the rolling prairielands and frequent wildlife sightings provide additional character and tranquility.

Golf industry pundits who previewed Mapleton’s layout consider it a prime candidate for media-bestowed “America’s Best New Golf Club” honors and status as a premier destination golf club.

In addition to a driving range and practice facility is a roughly 13,000-square-foot clubhouse with a full-service dining room, bar and lounge, boardroom, locker rooms, and pro shop.  Overnight accommodations are also in ownership’s development plans.  True to its golf focus, Mapleton doesn’t plan to offer tennis, swimming, banquet facilities for large parties and other amenities often found at other clubs.

Landscapes Unlimited’s Project Development Group is overseeing all aspects of site planning, design and engineering, permitting, contractor selection, project administration and budget planning, and will undertake golf course construction.  Sister company Landscapes Golf Management is directing membership strategies, business and operational planning, pre-opening activities, course grow-in and full-service operations upon Mapleton’s opening.

“Mapleton is the first new private golf club in Sioux Falls in more than 60 years,” says Danny Amundson, Managing Partner of the club’s ownership group, a Sioux Falls area native, lifelong golfer and son of a South Dakota Golf Hall of Fame inductee.  “It’s the perfect opportunity for members to host guests for an all-inclusive golf, business meeting with dining and overnight accommodations.”

This is the second collaboration between the Amundson family and Landscapes Unlimited.  Danny Amundson’s dad, Mark, along with Landscapes Unlimited Chairman Bill Kubly, developed Sutton Bay in Agar, South Dakota.  It is perennially ranked among the top 50 private clubs in the U.S.

“Mapleton takes advantage of the beautiful Heartland topography on which it sits,” says Jack Morgan, Senior Vice President of Landscapes Unlimited’s Project Development Group.  “The golf course will not be contrived, feel like it’s been there for generations yet boast all the modern trappings today’s golfers desire.”

Mapleton Township’s history dates to 1866 when Norwegian settlers discovered ideal farming conditions.  Years following, the Milwaukee Railroad stopped at Renner Station, bolstering residency and commerce.  Today, Mapleton Township’s is home to almost 2,000 people and a comfortable community to work, live and play.

Catering to the purest golf enthusiast looking to break the daily routine, single, corporate and national memberships are selling briskly.

More information:,


Simulator Play Surges—the Future of Golf

More and more people are participating in golf by taking advantage of sophisticated computer software to simulate the on-course experience hitting balls into screens showing the image of a golf hole.

According to the National Golf Foundation and quoting from their website, “An estimated 6.2 million Americans hit golf balls with a club in a golf simulator within the past year, a total that’s surged 73% compared to pre-pandemic levels. In 2019 and years prior, simulator participation had hovered just under 4 million.”

The data also points out most simulator users (53%) don’t play traditional green grass golf and one-third have used a simulator in a residence reflecting the increase in privately owned simulator setups.

The surge in simulator play runs the gamut from commercial ventures that charge a fee such as sports bars to golf retailers, instructors and fitters with multiple bays and home simulator installations costing several thousands of dollars.

Joe Neumeyer, founder and managing partner of Toledo, Ohio-based Ace Indoor Golf a leading provider of turnkey design and installation of residential and commercial simulator packages said in an interview earlier this year with this writer, “The golf simulator business is booming. It was valued at $1.3 billion worldwide this past year and is expected to grow at a 10 percent compound annual growth rate in the near future. Both commercial and residential installations saw significant growth in 2022.”

Neumeyer further revealed that residential and commercial business for Ace Indoor grew by more than 50% in 2022 and the growth has continued in 2023.

The simulator market is becoming increasingly crowded and at the PGA Show in January more than a dozen simulator software companies will have booth space including FlightScope, Foresight Sports, Full Swing Golf, SkyTrak, SmartGolf, Trackman, and Uneekor.

Additionally, as in the past Ace Indoor and other enclosure package sellers will be constructing simulator setups on the Show floor enabling companies to demonstrate their products such as swing analysis software as well as clubs.

Another aspect of simulators is the new six team TGL Golf simulator league begun by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy which was slated to compete in a purpose-built indoor venue with players hitting into a 64 by 46-foot screen that projects shot results for 1,600 fans in the arena plus a broadcast audience. However, due to a construction mishap at the arena league play has been pushed back a year to January of 2025.

It is obvious the participation in golf has split into roughly equal on-course and off-course segments making for a clear view of the future for our game. Referring to data again supplied by the National Golf Foundation, in 2022 there were 41.1 million golf participants in some form with 13.2 million only playing on-course, 15.5 million only off-course and 12.4 million doing both.

Off-course includes entertainment centers such as Topgolf and Drive Shack where balls are hit to driving range target areas without simulator screens. However, an increasing number of businesses do have screens for entertainment plus for teaching and club fitting retailers like Golf Galaxy, PGA Tour Superstore, Club Champion and GolfTec.

Industry insiders are paying close attention to the demographics of the 15 million+ off-course only participants which includes the 6.2 million making use of simulators. Compared with on-course golfers, off-course users are younger, having an average age of 31 years compared with 46 for on-course. The portion of females is much higher, 41% versus 28% as is the percentage of non-whites, 40% versus 22% on-course.

As yet few traditional golf clubs have made an investment in a simulator experience for their members which is similar to how workout facilities were treated 30 years ago. But that will change as golf clubs especially private clubs realize they are entertainment venues rather than just places to go hit a golf ball. The need to attract new members, particularly families, will force a change in thinking which indeed has already begun.

These numbers reflect the changing demographics of the U.S. population but also provide a clear pathway to the golf industry for continued growth by meeting the needs of a changing audience both current and potential.

Zen Swing Stage brings movement to driving ranges, enhances indoor golf technology

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – – The era of the super-immersive golf simulator moves closer today, with the launch of the adjustable Zen Swing Stage hitting surface for golf.
Bringing accurate real-world slopes to golf both indoors and at the driving range, the new Zen Swing Stage moving floor is now available for shipping worldwide to enhance golf practice, lessons and existing golf technology.

Extensively tested by PGA Tour and Ryder Cup players, the Zen Swing Stage puts a realistic golf course at your feet enabling golfers and coaches to create thousands of gradients safely on a stable 6ft x 8ft hitting surface which also takes a long tee peg.

By moving the Zen Swing Stage underfoot and changing the shot conditions you can gain new data from your launch monitor, and increase enjoyment in your golf simulator, in a way never before seen in the sport.

Silent in use and remotely controlled by a multi-purpose touchscreen app, the Bluetooth-enabled Swing Stage’s robustness enables Stand-on-Stage control, which means that golfers can feel the gradients change under their feet as they prepare to hit their next shot.
With all four corners adjustable in 0.1% increments, Swing Stage takes just seconds to create virtually limitless shot-making variations by replicating the six most common lies on a golf course: Flat, Ball Above Feet, Ball Below Feet, Uphill Lie, Downhill Lie and Combined Gradient where a mixture of slopes are in play.

Creating gradients on the Zen Swing Stage – which can either be recessed into the floor or installed on the floor – transports you from the practice bay to the golf course by reproducing any fairway slope with breathtaking realism.

Darren May, golf coach at Grove XXIII in Florida, said: “You can absolutely change someone’s Swing Path, Angle Of Attack, Swing Direction and Swing Plane just by moving the ground with Zen Swing Stage.

“And the great thing about it is that you can be very specific regarding the degree to which you are moving that slope, and the player can feel that while it’s changing.”
The Swing Stage’s adjustable slopes are also set to help owners of instrumented driving ranges to develop exciting new games and skills challenges.

“Imagine being at a driving range where you can recreate the slopes found on a golf course instantly, with a single touch of the screen” said Zen founder Nick Middleton.

“Or you could be the coach who gives the most immersive golf lessons yet, with instruction that is easier than ever before to transfer to the golf course, all while remaining indoors.
“The new Swing Stage makes accelerated skill acquisition possible. Its ability to move, and to create new learning experiences, is a magnet for everyone who ever has – or ever will – hit a ball, at all skill levels. We are very excited about the possibilities which this brings to range golf, screen golf, and golf instruction.

“We all want to grow the game; it is vital that newcomers to golf acquire proficiency and master the key fundamentals as fast as possible, so that they can enjoy the sport for life. The Zen Swing Stage makes that ‘first touch’ experience more memorable than it has ever been before.”

For home users, the Zen Swing Stage active floor makes golf simulators more realistic.
“Swing Stage instantly improves the golf sim experience” said Zen Managing Director, Andy Hiseman. “Zen moving floor technology is a fundamental evolution for the sport which creates a new level of reality, and a true-feeling round of golf which will bring new people into all levels of the sport worldwide.”

With safety in mind Zen’s Swing Stage and Green Stage are golf’s only moving floors which are certificated by the UKCA mark, similar to the UL (North America) and CE (Europe) marks.

The larger Zen Green Stage, available in 12ft, 16ft and 20ft sizes, is already revolutionizing worldwide putting practice with its ability to recreate every makeable putt on the planet – including double-breaks and compound breaks. Its Zen Master organic putting surface, exclusively available to Zen owners, offers a Tour-quality 11.5 stimp green speed and roll.
For the ultimate screen golf experience, the Zen Green Stage enables golfers to hit full shots off gradients and enjoy a world-class putting surface with almost infinitely-adjustable breaks, while standing in the same space.

Zen, which is a PGA Partner in GB & Ireland, is currently the only technology in the world of golf to offer this all-in-one feature.

Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage are now being used by Tour players and their coaches, PGA instructors, golf facilities, Universities, custom-fitters and golf retailers, indoor golf studio designers and private golfers in 19 countries worldwide to enhance the sport’s best-known indoor golf technology.

“Our technical team are already working on integration programmes to make both Swing Stage and Green Stage even more compatible with the most popular indoor golf and driving range technology out there” said Hiseman.

Zen Swing Stage retails at $19,450 USD (In-Floor) or $21,175 USD (On-Floor) plus shipping and installation.

Enquire further at or call the Zen USA office in Clearwater, Florida on 727-855-2034.


  • Size: 6ft x 8ft (1.83m x 2.44m)
  • Enhance your golf technology and enjoy advanced practice with realistic slopes
  • Adjustability: 0.1% increments at all four corners independently
  • Movement 1: up to 10% Ball Above / Ball Below Feet Sidehill lies
  • Movement 2: up to 12% Uphill / Downhill lies
  • Movement 3: Combined Gradients (compound mix of Up/Down and Sidehill lies)
  • Silent operation, rapid slope transitions
  • Controls 1: Bluetooth Touchscreen Tablet included for Stand-on-Stage control
  • Controls 2: One-touch slope adjustment
  • Controls 3: Use Presets to organize full swing & short game practice
  • App: Zen Swing Stage app pre-loaded on tablet with multiple control options
  • Hitting surface: Interchangeable Strike Oval suitable for long Driver tees through to wedge play
  • Standing surface: high-quality artificial grass
  • Options: In-Floor and On-Floor models available
  • Floor Tablet Stand and Wall / Desktop Tablet Stand included
  • Installation: by Zen Certified installers worldwide
  • Certification: UKCA conformity mark
  • Availability: six to eight weeks from deposit

Zen Green Stage Ltd | +44 (0)1226 781000 | @zengreenstage |
Andy Hiseman, Zen Green Stage | WhatsApp +44 (0)7795 360112
USA OFFICE: (+1) 727-855-2034 (Florida)

2023 Womens Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the swingin’ season of cheer and joy, where fairways meet festivity, and birdies blend with the magic of the holidays! If the golf-loving goddess in your life has been par-tee-ing all year on the green, it’s time to wrap up some cheer and sprinkle it across the course. Whether she’s a putting pro or a driving diva, our holiday gift guide is here to ensure her golf game is as fabulous as her holiday spirit. From stylish accessories to high-tech gadgets, we’ve curated a collection that’s sure to score a hole-in-one with the leading lady of the links. Let’s sleigh this season with the perfect gifts that will have her shouting, “Fore the love of golf!”

Skort Obsession

Drape her in golf elegance with the ultimate blend of style and functionality from Skort Obsession! This holiday season, give the golf-loving gal in your life the gift of unparalleled comfort and fashion with a skort from Skort Obsession.

Picture this: A skort that effortlessly transitions from the tee to the clubhouse, making a statement both on and off the green. Skort Obsession has mastered the art of combining performance with panache, ensuring she looks as good as her swing feels.

With breathable fabrics and a fit that hugs all the right curves, these skorts are a hole-in-one when it comes to both style and functionality.

More Information:
Over 90+ Colors and Patterns
Retail: $72

Top Knot Hats

Give the gift of comfort and style with a Top Knot a golf cap for women. Your golf bride can now wear her hair high or down thanks to a magnetic back closure. She no longer needs to compromise her stylish hairdo with a mans traditional baseball cap. Reread that sentence and trust me. Buy her this hat.

She will be wearing it more than just on the links. Their patented magnetic back closure paired with sweat wicking fabric and a built in sweatband makes this cap perfect for her toughest, sweatiest workouts. From marathon running to spin class to hot yoga, TOP KNOT’s got her covered.

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Honma – Beres Lady Go Beginners Set

If the lady in your life is not a swinger yet. Then get her introduced to the greatest game on the planet with Honma Golf’s special full set of BERES LADY GO clubs. This elegent beginners set is designed to inspire confidence with easy-to-swing club designs and full-set make-up that gives developing golfers the go-to clubs they need to swing freely and confidently time after time.  The ready-to-go, 10-piece game-improvement set – geared toward beginning female players – includes a driver, 5-wood, 25- and 28-degree utility clubs, irons (7-SW), a chipper and putter. This perfect package also comes with a matching cart bag, headcover, tote bag and shoes case – all accented in an ultra-chic Tiffany blue hue.

Lady Go 12-Piece Set includes:

• Driver, 12.5°
• Fairway, #5
• Hybrid, 25°
• Hybrid, 28°
• Iron Set #7-10, SW
• Chipper
• Mallet Style Putter, 33″ Inches
• Golf Cart Bag


• Tote Bag
• Club Cover
• Shoe Case

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Limited Edition – Retail $3000


Blue Tees Player+ GPS Bluetooth Speaker

Every golfer male or female likes to dial in on their yardages and relax to some beats on the course. The Player+ is a revolutionary GPS Touch Screen Golf Speaker powered by the Blue Tees. A powerful speaker unlike anything you’ve seen before, get access to over 40,000 courses at your fingertips with an out-of-this-world sound experience. Like its predecessor, it features a magnetic strip and amazing sound. The Ringer is a handheld GPS with all the same features of the Player+ except the speaker. The Player+ GPS Speaker is a gift that keeps on giving!

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The Putting Arc

If game improvement aids are on her wish list then look no further than the The Putting Arc.

The Putting Arc helps develop a consistent stance, head, eye, and body alignment with square putter face initial alignment at address and impact. She will also learn to putt on a proper path with effective putter toe release in their strokes.

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Special Holiday 2023 Offers from Top Golf Brands

Revolutionize Your Golf Fitness with GolfForever and the GolfForever Swing Trainer

GolfForever is the first golf-specific home training program to embrace the approach of home exercise equipment paired with streaming video instruction. GolfForever customizes each golfer’s exercise routines specifically for them, based on a proprietary strength and flexibility test. It is safe and highly effective for any golfer.

The GolfForever Swing Trainer, the groundbreaking training system World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler uses to train for the PGA Tour, pairs the first-ever multi-use golf fitness and warmup tool with video-streaming routines for flexibility, speed, power and injury recovery in the GolfForever app. Starting on Black Friday and until December 25, you can save $100 on the combination of the GolfForever Swing Trainer and the GolfForever App subscription, locking down both for $299. If you order between Black Friday and November 27, you can earn free shipping, exclusively from

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Improve Your GPS Shot-Tracking Over the Holidays with Game Golf KZN

Surprise the golfer in your family with the game’s leading GPS shot- and stat-tracking sensor platform, GAMEGOLF. Experience the new cutting-edge GameGolf KZN platform with its multiple playing modes and the new Smart Caddie feature that analyzes 10 key data points to help golfers improve. The sleek, compact hardware unit with its high-tech black and metallic look clips to the golfer’s belt along with the 14 lightweight smart tags that attach to the clubs.

GameGolf KZN costs $269.99 price includes the KZN hardware and a free one-year membership (a nearly $120 value) – making KZN the most affordable and technically advanced system in the space while elevating the user experience across the board.

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The Indoor Golf Shop Makes Holiday Dreams Come True

For the ultimate golf gift, give that special someone their dream indoor simulator space from The Indoor Golf Shop. The industry’s leading curator of everything DIY simulator installers need to build their perfect space are offering a trio of package options to make this the best holiday season for lucky golfers across North America:

DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure

Ranging in price from $1,399.99 to $1,899.99

  • Multiple size options for the do-it-yourselfer wanting to add an indoor golf simulator and build from the ground-up over time.
  • Construct the simulator enclosure frame and add the fitted black surround walls and ceiling to give you a complete golf simulator with the industry leading SIGPRO Premium Impact Screen.

SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package

  • Starting at $7,149.99
  • Features the new SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor – a dual Doppler Radar and photometric device that measures ball & club data, while also compatible with multiple golf simulator software options.
  • The SIGPRO Golf Net with the option of an attachable impact screen to convert this practice equipment into a vibrant visual golf simulator video experience.
  • Choice of 3 different strike mats, including the highly rated SIGPRO Softy, with landing turf that rounds out the flooring options.

Uneekor EYE XO2 SIG12 Golf Simulator

  • Starting at $17,399.99
  • A complete golf simulator studio that’s crafted from the highest quality indoor golf components that will WOW your friends and family.
  • Includes the new Uneekor EYE XO2 overhead launch monitor with 3 infrared cameras, enlarged hitting zone, and video playback of every shot.
  • Choice of 3 different strike mats, including the highly rated SIGPRO Softy, or a complete simulator flooring system that doubles as a practice green with four putting locations.

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SuperStroke’s Zenergy and Logo’d Putter Grips Make the Perfect Golf Gift

SuperStroke’s breakthrough Zenergy line featues many of the hottest putter grips on golf’s major tours. With new SpyneTM Technology (an improved, embossed ridge along the grip’s underside) and Multi-Zone Texturing for strategically placed texture in high-sensory areas to optimize delivers unrivaled control, responsiveness, and confidence in the hands of every golfer. For a premium gift at an affordable price, consider officially licensed grips featuring Marvel characters or logos of someone’s favorite NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA teams. Visit SuperStrokeUSA to purchase grips.

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Open Up a New World of Game Improvement with GOLFTRAININGAIDS.COM

No matter what’s adversely affecting your golf game, there’s some kind of product on to help your cause in a quick and easy way. Here are some of the best on the market.

The Connector Simplifies Your Swing Motion
When you stay connected, your golf swing feels simple, efficient and precise. Now, thanks to famed UK-based teaching pro Dan Frost and his collaborators at, there’s The Connector, a uniquely designed foam ball device with axis rods running through it to help golfers maintain connection between their arms and torso and improve alignment at impact. That leads to better ball striking and more compression of the golf ball at impact. Providing immediate feedback on the amount of rotation required for a variety of golf skills – from putting all the way to driver swings – the Connector helps golfers establish proper arm position at address and trains the body and arms to work in harmony to make the swing motion more efficient.

The Putting Arc is a Time-Tested and Tour-Proven Putting Aid

Used by more than 1,500 playing professionals, the Putting Arc MS-3D allows golfers to have a balanced stroke without any radial force so golfers learn and constantly monitor eye and shoulder position as well as head stability. Benefits of practicing with The Putting Arc include developing a consistent stance, head, eye, and body alignment with square putter face initial alignment at address and impact. Golfers also learn to putt on a proper path with effective putter toe release in their strokes.

Find the perfect gift for the golfer in your life on

Kavooa Pro – New Golf Training Aid Stabilizes Head and Hips

Kavooa Pro, the first swing training aid from Kavooa Golf, will help golfers quickly improve and develop consistent contact with the ball. Kavooa Pro is a tripod-based product that can be adjusted via a patented telescoping device with rods (golf alignment sticks) to stabilize a golfer’s head and hips during the swing. That, in turn, helps solidify pure contact for consistent ball striking. The unit also includes a phone clip holder, allowing you to easily take videos of your swing. Kavooa Pro can also be used for chipping and putting. When chipping, you can angle it to the exact degree angle you need for your swing plane.

Kavooa Pro, which sells for $129.99, weighs just 3.5 pounds and can easily collapse to be stowed in the side pocket of most golf bags. It can be used on the course, at the range, or in a backyard – anywhere you can swing a club. During the holiday season, type in code Holiday20 and receive 20 percent off your purchase. Good through December 15. Visit .

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Authentic Roll, Grain, and Speed – BirdieBall’s Putting Greens Redefine Indoor Practice

EVERGREEN, Colo., Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amid the evolution of golf and the expansion of training technologies, BirdieBall emerges as the trailblazer, unveiling its innovative putting greens to the world. Meticulously crafted to challenge and redefine the standards of indoor golf practice, BirdieBall’s Putting Greens bridge the gap between the indoor practice environment and the authentic feeling of stepping onto a pristine golf course. With an unmatched commitment to realism and quality, BirdieBall aspires to elevate the indoor golfing experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Every detail in BirdieBall’s putting greens speaks of precision. These aren’t just another set of mats — they’re the culmination of dedicated research and a passion for golf. By harnessing patented aerated foam technology, these putting greens replicate the natural dynamics of a real grass putting surface, a feat seldom achieved in indoor settings.

What sets BirdieBall’s putting greens apart is the trifecta of real-world golfing attributes: roll, grain, and speed. These are not mere buzzwords but are central to the brand’s vision of providing an immersive and authentic golf experience. By mastering these essential elements, BirdieBall assures golfers of a practice session that is as instructive as it is authentic.

Recognition from industry experts such as My Golf Spy, who bestowed the title of “Best Indoor Putting Green” upon BirdieBall’s offering, is a testament to the product’s unmatched performance and design. The seamless roll, the precision of the drop-in cups, and the genuine feel underfoot all culminate in an experience that is both transformational and enlightening.

Understanding the diverse needs of golfers, BirdieBall’s range spans from cozy 2′ x 8′ mats, suitable for tight spaces, to the grand 8′ x 18′ expanses, designed for those looking to recreate expansive golf terrains indoors. Despite their varying sizes, a consistent promise binds them all: easy portability and uncompromised performance. Every roll, every stroke, and every putt on these greens echo the brand’s dedication to quality and realism.

In an era where the digital often eclipses the tangible, BirdieBall’s putting greens stand as a reminder of the tactile joys of golf. These greens are not merely products but experiences, meticulously crafted to evoke the sensations, challenges, and rewards of a day out on the golf course.

As golf enthusiasts around the world continually seek tools to refine their skills and passion, BirdieBall’s putting greens emerge as the definitive answer. They’re not just a training aid but a bridge to the very soul of the sport. Those eager to elevate their game, reconnect with the essence of golf, or simply experience the next revolution in indoor practice are invited to explore BirdieBall’s offerings. Begin the journey to unparalleled golfing excellence by visiting today.

About BirdieBall

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Evergreen, CO, BirdieBall stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of golf. With a legacy rooted in excellence and a future focused on groundbreaking solutions, BirdieBall consistently marries tradition with innovation. From the award-winning BirdieBall to the state-of-the-art putting greens, the brand’s portfolio is a testament to its commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. BirdieBall doesn’t just create products; it crafts experiences that resonate with the heartbeat of every golfer.

Contact Information

Name: John Breaker


Phone Number: 303.432.3333


Me And My Golf are proud to announce that their revolutionary Breaking Ball Putting Mat has earned two more accolades from Golf Digest and MyGolfSpy!
In MyGolfSpy’s rigorous testing to find out the Best Indoor Putting Green for 2023, the Breaking Ball Putting Mat came 1st in features!

And, in Golf Digest’s latest article, it was named the ‘Best Putting Efficiency Training Aid’ – further solidifying its status as the best putting mat available to work on both straight and breaking putts.

Read more at the links below:

Golf Digest –

MyGolfSpy –

To stock the Me And My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat, please contact our sales team by calling (+44) 01253 407 272 or emailing

About Me And My Golf
Me And My Golf combine super simple on-demand, online lessons, and practice plans with a supportive global community of like-minded, improving golfers – all in a single, powerful coaching membership. We have recently launched our very own range of Award Winning & revolutionary training aids which include exclusive lessons that will help you get better, fast.

Me And My Golf have a community of over 2 million subscribers and followers across social media and their website Our current partners include TaylorMade, Adidas, FlightScope, Audemars Piguet, Audi, Arccos, Dicks Sporting Goods and Clippd.

Contact Information

Matt Niedzwiecki, Director of Brand Partnerships –

George Bradshaw, Marketing Coordinator –


-Topping the Blue Tees Golf discounts is an exclusive offer on the Player Pack-

LOS ANGELES, CA. – Blue Tees Golf, an innovative, award-winning producer of rangefinders and accessories, is excited to announce that their next-gen golf technology devices will be discounted for the 2023 holiday season.

Golf’s ultimate bundle, the Player Pack, kicks off the Blue Tees seasonal savings campaign. It includes the 2022 Golf Editor’s Choice Rangefinder, Series 3 Max; a top-rated golf speaker, The Player; the latest MagHub and a 6-in-1 Divot Tool.

“The Player Pack is curated for value and gift giving. Each limited-edition box set contains four of our brand’s most popular products — a $470 value, at the price of $299,” said Blue Tees Golf VP of Sales, Taylor Herber. “The limited-edition Player Pack bundle provides an unmatched value to our customers.”

“Our ethos is to provide the absolute best quality in golf technology, all at an affordable price. We’re building an inclusive brand and strive to appeal to casual golfers and pros alike. We’re extremely happy to extend our seasonal discounts to our most recently introduced next-gen golf devices — Player+ and Ringer, both category leaders.”

The new Player+ GPS Speaker combines smart technology with premium audio to create an immersive sound experience. Not only does it serve as a high-quality speaker for music, it also gives golfers access to a variety of GPS data at their fingertips, thanks to its sleek touch screen display. The Player+ GPS Speaker can be paired with multiple speakers simultaneously, boasts an ultra-strong magnet for easy attachment to any golf cart, includes a built-in USB-C power bank, and is fully IPX7 waterproof. Suggested retail is $249 but for a limited time, is available for $199.

Recently released, the Ringer handheld, is now available for the season of gift giving. This highly engineered device provides golfers unprecedented access to their data. The pocket-sized GPS is a handheld unit designed for the modern golfer and comes equipped with over 40K preloaded golf courses, touch screen glass display, built-in magnet, and companion app. Suggested retail is $249 but for a limited time, is available for $199.

“In addition to these seasonal savings, both the Player+ and Ringer come with a year premium subscription of unlimited storage and analytics, valued at $49.00, and if a customer purchases all three Blue Tees Golf products during the 2023 holidays, they can save up to $160.”

About Blue Tees Golf
Blue Tees Golf is a brand for the modern golfer. With our focus on quality, design, and affordability, we make products inclusive of everyone from the casual golfer to the PGA member. The Blue Tees message is simple — have more confidence, have more fun, and play more golf.

All Blue Tees Golf products come with a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Join the Blue Tees Golf seamless ecosystem — connecting your GPS and connected devices to the Blue Tees Golf Game App — and unlocking new features and insights that transform any player’s golf game. All members will receive exclusive offers, partnership offers, and more.

For more information: / Instagram: @blueteesgolf

MEDIA CONTACT: Vanessa Marie Price, President – Read the Greens, GOLF Media Inc.
(714) 544-6515, or

SALES CONTACT: Taylor Herber, Vice President of Sales –

Give The ‘Fit’ That Keeps Giving From Club Champion

Don’t miss the best sale of the holiday season

Willowbrook, IL – Club Champion has you covered this holiday season with their Black Friday sale! For a limited time only, receive a 20% bonus card when you purchase a Club Champion gift card. Additionally, the leading club fitter is offering $100 full bag fittings or other fitting types for just $50 with a purchase — that’s a savings of up to 80%. You can take advantage of both offers now through December 4.

Club Champion fits, sells, and builds custom golf clubs using brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, Cobra, Fujikura, Golf Pride, and many more. The company delivers a Tour-level fitting that produces longer, more accurate shots with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate for golfers of any ability level, making a gift card purchase the perfect gift for any golf-enthusiast in your life.

Ranked by Golf Digest as one of the 100 Best Club Fitters 12 years running, Club Champion has a unique coupling system used to combine any head and shaft together, so golfers hit the precise combination to be custom built for them. They are the only fitter in the country to offer 65,000 interchangeable head and shaft combinations at all locations.

Whether the golfer in your life is an avid or casual player, a fitting or gift card to Club Champion can help improve their game this holiday season. Don’t miss out on a 20% bonus card on Club Champion gift card purchases, or the $100 full bag fitting offer. Terms apply. Fitting can be booked and gift cards can be purchased online at

About Club Champion
Club Champion is the globe’s most prominent name in custom club fitting and building services. Established in 2010, there are now more than 120 Club Champion locations internationally, including studios in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Each US studio offers golfers access to over 60 brands and more than 65,000 hittable head and shaft combinations. Club Champion has solidified their position at the top of the industry through comprehensive Tour-level fittings, unrivaled club building, and the use of top-tier technology. The company is headquartered in Willowbrook, IL and boasts more than 400 employees, including hundreds of the most highly trained Master Fitters in the world. For more information about Club Champion, visit

Media Contacts
Cassandra Bausch | 815.272.5966

Skort Obsession Black Friday Sale

Skort Obsession annonced their Black Friday sale starts today. Save 30% sitewide and up to 75% on their clearance items.

More Information

Skort Obsession

Louise Boffice, owner of Skort Obsession, shows off some of the custom activewear skorts available and offers 20% off to “Sunshine Spotlight” viewers.