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Sun Mountain Introduces Two-for-One Reversible Jacket

Missoula, Montana – Following the successful launch of the Granite Jacket and Vest, Sun Mountain is adding a reversible option in both styles. Granite II Reversible Jacket and Vest are more than just another puffy. Granite uses 37.5® insulation which retains body heat while preventing moisture build-up and overheating — making it perfect for chilly days on and off the course. The reversible styles offer two distinct looks with a diamond, quilted pattern on one side and smooth finish on the other. Granite II Reversible Jacket and Vest are available now with a retail price of $219.99 and $179.99. For the retailer nearest you, visit or call 800-227-9224.

The Granite collection is windproof and water resistant with 37.5 insulation, a patented technology that works to maintain an ideal core temperature. The sixty-gram insulation retains body heat, while active particles embedded in the insulation accelerate vapor movement to prevent overheating and moisture build-up. Further, 37.5 technology resists odors and is permanent and never washes out or gets tired.

Granite II Reversible Jacket and Vest offer a chest pocket and hand warmer pockets (accessible in both directions of the reversible styles), a zip-through collar with chin-guard, a shock cord at the waist, and are packable (fitting into the chest pocket for easy storage).

Granite II Reversible Jacket is available in Sage-Black, Steel-Pacific, Mirage-Platinum, and Black-Fiery Red with a retail price of $219.99. Granite II Reversible Vest is available Pacific-Steel, Platinum-Mirage, Fiery Red-Navy, and Black-Platinum with a retail price of $179.99.

Sun Mountain is also using 37.5 insulation in the Men’s and Women’s Colter II Jacket and Vest, Women’s AT Hybrid Jacket and Vest, and the Men’s Trapper Jacket.

For 40 years Sun Mountain has been a pioneer in the golf industry, revolutionizing golf bags, golf outerwear and golf carts. Sun Mountain’s many innovations, including the first lightweight golf bag and modern stand bag, have made it the top golf bag company in North America. Within golf outerwear, Sun Mountain redefined golf-specific performance first with the windshirt, then fleece, and again with its four-way stretch, waterproof and breathable rainwear. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart® golf push cart transformed walking carts and created an entirely new category of golf products. Sun Mountain’s “Ahead of Time Design” motto drives the company to continually design and refine golf equipment. For the Sun Mountain retailer nearest you call 800-227-9224 or visit

Contact: Steve Snyders
Sublime Public Relations

New P700 Series Irons from TaylorMade

The new P-700 Series iron introductions from TaylorMade include an updated P770 model and the all-new P7MC and P7MB targeted for use by low handicap amateurs and professional players.

Fast Facts TaylorMade P700 Series
Stock shaft: KBS Tour Steel
Stock grip: Golf Pride Z Grip 360
Set of 7 irons $1,299.99
Available Jan. 20, 2023

TaylorMade P770 Irons
Better player category
Hollow head foam filled
Internal tungsten weight
Forged body, sole slot
Weight screw in toe, progressive CG
Stock lofts: 5-iron 25.5°, pitching wedge 46°

TaylorMade P7MC Irons
Better player category
Forged head
Muscle cavity back
Stock lofts: 5-iron 26°, pitching wedge 47°

TaylorMade P7MB Irons
Better player category
Forged head
Stock lofts: 5-iron 26°, pitching wedge 47°

The P700 (P stands for players) series has been a real success for TaylorMade and for 2023 three of the models have been redesigned. The P770 has a slightly smaller head with a thinner look at address which better players like. The forged face is an L-shape and backed with their SpeedFoam Air, a less dense improvement from the previous foam. It is the most forgiving of the three new models but still falls into the better player category. The progressive CG placement, called FLTD CG, places the center of gravity higher in the face for higher lofts and lower for lower lofts

The P7MC and P-MB are made for the best players but also work well in combo-sets with the P770s or P790s so each set is customized for the user.

Cleveland HB SOFT Milled Putters

The new line of Huntington Beach SOFT Putters from Cleveland Golf has six shapes, all specially milled for prices at a price in the lower end of the typical pricing spectrum.

Fast Facts Cleveland HB SOFT Milled Putters
Six shapes
CNC milled head
SOFT (Speed Optimized Face Technology)
Stock grips: Golf Pride PRO ONLY Red Star (slight arc) or Green Star (straight stroke)
$199.99 standard steel shaft, $249.99 UST Mamiya All-in graphite shaft

The HB or Huntington Beach lines of Cleveland Golf putters have always been well thought of by golfers not only for their price but also their consistent performance. For 2023 there are six new shapes all with CNC milled heads and faces featuring the company’s SOFT milling pattern of curved vertical grooves, closer together towards the center, with diagonal groups of grooves in between.

There is an optional graphite shaft upgrade, the UST Mamiya All-In, available. Cleveland says it has a 26% stiffer profile which reduces flex during the stroke to help with a more consistent impact. Made with UST’s proprietary nanotechnology which gives a better feel and response plus a 10% more consistent face angle at impact.

According to Haley Wian, Cleveland’s Business Planning Manager, “The HB SOFT Milled putter line delivers milled precision at a remarkable value. With a variety of head shapes, alignment options, and a fitting system to match any stroke type, there is an HB SOFT Milled putter to help upgrade your putting performance.”

Some remarkable new products are now available for golfers.

These are two of the best training aids currently available and carry the endorsement of the PGTAA (

In my opinion, Tour Aim Golf is one the best golf training aids ever to come to market. It is simple and effective and easy to use.Great alignment and aim is the start of great golf.
Proper target alignment and aim is the first step in the golf swing.  If you are not properly aligned to your target, your golf shot is doomed before you even swing.
TOUR AIM’s Mission: True Target Aim – Aim Better | Play Better | Score Better
This product performs the functions of over 20 other products while providing instant positive and negative feedback as you practice. Tour Aim is perfect for any golfer, from juniors to PGA Tour players.
Tour Aim was designed and produced by Tour Aim’s founder and CEO, Noah Wolf. Versatility is the key word for this training aid. It does everything you need to improve your game!
He found using swing aids and alignment sticks cumbersome to use and he wasn’t sure how they were supposed to help him align and aim. After hitting ball after ball, not paying attention to alignment and aim, some bad swing habits developed. These habits translated to high scores and lots of lost balls on the golf course.
With the sole focus of making practicing golf more effective and efficient, Noah created Tour Aim.

Now hundreds of teaching pros and amateurs around the world are using Tour Aim to improve their games and their student’s games. Renowned coaches such as Sean Foley and Derek Uyeda, upon seeing Tour Aim in action, had their players begin using True Aim.
Visit to see how Tour Aim works.

Tour Aim + Alignment Sticks $89.99 Without alignment sticks $74.95

The iNLiNE targeting and putting model WILL perfect your aim, putter face alignment, eye position (with the hatch marks that frame the ball), club path and line – the main keys in putting. You just focus on distance control.

The elegant looking unit is CNC milled from an aluminum billet, which is then hard anodized and laser etched.  You can request the graphics of your choice which makes them great for corporate hand-outs or gifts. Bulk pricing is available.
The unit has both an adjustable putter gate and an adjustable width ball gate for players of all skill levels. The patent pending design enables you to place your putter and ball directly on the green for real playing conditions. You simply position, raise and/or lower tees to adjust the challenge. Take my word, it is going to take a lot of focus to get to “make putts” on a consistent basis.
Combined with Tony’s Lights-Out portable 4” in diameter CNC milled alloy moving “hole” that actually captures the ball, completes the system. Either unit can be used singularly depending on your needs, time and proficiency. This unit can also be laser etched with any logo or motto.
Needless to say, the system’s parts can be used indoors and outdoors, individually or with a group of fellow friends or competitors. Make up your own personal challenges or games to take the boredom out putting practice.
Our testing group was enamored with the system and what it could do for their putting. The system takes up minimal space and is, of course, very durable.
$159.00 for the iNLINE $59.00 for Lights-Out

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. Visit www/ to see all the latest mental strategies and equipment reviews. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers” and his previous book, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf”, is still in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s best seller list. His latest book, “The Right Mind for Golf”, is now in its 11th reprint is available directly on the web site or at the Torrey Pines golf course shop. In the works is “The Right Mind for Putting”, due out in early 2023.

He can be reached at

The PAR Board Tour Proto –REALLY improve your putting!

If you want to lower your score, putting is the secret. The Par Board Tour Proto is the right tool to improve your putting.
In my humble opinion, for improving your putting statistics and understanding putting, the PAR Board Tour is the most effective putting aid in golf.
Not to be confused with the past Par Board mirrors, the Tour Pro Tour Proto mirror allows the player to see their eye position, ball position, and shoulder alignment at set up. The biggest differences between Tour Proto and past Par Board mirrors are:​
-Golf ball lies on the putting surface.
-Slot creates a natural “gate”.. helps putts stay on line longer.
-Super durable mirror.
-Lighter and thinner.

PAR stands for Path And Release. The path on the PAR Board Tour is the stroke used by the best and most consistent putters on the PGA tour where Consistency is Key!

If you want to putt like a pro, your first step is to change your attitude towards putting. Become POSITVE in your thoughts, then fix your stroke. Also, you must take the time to practice your putting consistently.

Instead of second guessing your STROKE technique and practicing incorrectly, by using the Par Perfect Golf Putting template, you will obtain quick results and a perfect putting stroke. The PAR training aid will teach you the backstroke, impact, and follow through for your putter. It is as simple as setting up with the board and takes as little as 10 minutes a day to break your own records!

By learning how to keep the putter face square to the proper arc on the backswing and follow through allowing you to properly release the putter head. This will work with both face balanced and toe balanced putters.

To make your practice more effective, the tee slots create an impact gate to putt through, ensuring you are striking the ball in the center of the putter face. This will stop you from cutting, pulling or pushing your putts and start rolling the ball end over end.

The PAR Board Mirror measures 19 x 5.5 x 0.15 inches and the Shoulder Board measures 19 x 2.5 x .15 inches. Both are made with very durable materials that are crack and heat resistant and come with a complimentary shoulder board and carrying sleeve.


Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride, the most popular grip in all of golf, recently announced the introduction of CPX®, the company’s softest performance grip yet.
The new CPX — standing for “Comfort Performance Extreme” — provides superior feel through a combination of extreme softness and exceptional new technology, including the company’s first-ever raised, EXO diamond-quilted pattern. For players who seek the confidence that comes from the feel of a high-performance, comfortable grip, the CPX is a game changer.
The new CPX — the first grip completely imagined and developed at Golf Pride’s new Global Innovation Center in Pinehurst, NC — is constructed from a very soft and responsive rubber compound that molds to the golfer’s hands for the ultimate in comfort and stress relief. The soft and tacky material features a 45-degree diamond pattern inspired by the grips on BMX bikes. This new tactile design is raised to maximize contact-area with the golfer’s hands, enhancing performance. In addition, the innovative Control Core® in the grip’s end-cap complements the soft rubber compound to afford the best of both worlds: maximum softness and maximum control.
Per the company’s marketing division, with the introduction of CPX, Golf Pride is also unveiling a second new “feel.” The brand’s latest campaign – “A Soft Grip for a Hard Game” – is an intentional departure from the golf category’s historical focus on performance claims and product specs in marketing materials. Confidence through comfort is integral to reach the most optimal performance in the golfer’s game.  “A Soft Grip for a Hard Game” is aimed at players of all types, from highly competitive golfers to weekend warriors and all those in between.
The new CPX will be available on and at retailers on 4/1/22, and will carry a retail price of $9.49-10.49 per grip. To learn more, go to .

A new book about Arnie and Jack

If you love reading about Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, then Charles Mechum’s new book, Arnie & Jack: Stories of My Long Friendship with Two Remarkable Men, is now available for purchase on the USGA publications website. It is an easy read with many photos of Jack, Arnold, and Charles Mechum.
It includes forewords by Jack Nicklaus and Doc Giffin, Arnold Palmer’s personal assistant for 50 years.
Charles Mechem was a lawyer for Cincinnati’s prestigious law firm Taft Stettinius & Hollister, a business executive who headed the Taft Broadcasting empire of media outlets, Hanna-Barbera, Kings Island Amusement Park, and then the commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association.
He was a longtime consultant and advisor to Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. But Charlie is not all business. Born in Nelsonville, Ohio, a small town nestled in the northwestern corner of Athens County, Charlie still thinks of himself as a small-town boy, and is constantly in awe of the many wonderful friends that his career allowed him to meet and enjoy. He and his wife, Marilyn, have three children and five grandchildren and live in California.
In addition to the USGA, the book is available in e-book and print versions at Amazon. For other retail locations, please visit
For wholesale orders, please visit or call 231-421-9513.

Breakthrough Technology’s New Tour Fire Putter Shaft

Wow! What a looker! What a performer!

Founder Barney Adams, of Adams Golf fame, has the unique ability to see what is missing in golf equipment. He started with putter shafts since there had been no significant innovation for decades. After years of research and development and countless hours of testing and perfecting, the Stability shaft was developed. BGT is the pioneer in the new multi-material low-torque putter shaft market.
Low torque these days is 1 degree – ultra Tour stiff. The Tip diameters are .355″ .370″ .390″. with the Butt Diameter being 0.600” and the shaft weighs 102 grams.
One of the shaft’s USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) is the inclusion of 30% more high modulus graphite, which creates a softer, responsive feel that’s perfect for putting. Also, Stability is the only shaft on the market that fits all putters, regardless of the bend profile—straight, single or double and is easy to install, requires no practice and will immediately elevate your game.
On a personal note, I use the Stability Fire in my SIK Golf putter and have noticed the difference, especially on inside 8 foot putts and longer putts where I putt one-handed. The putter is so stable.
All BGT shafts can also be installed in any putter you use. Their steel extensions can accommodate single-bends, double-bends, etc.
Shot Scope PRO LX+ Range Finder
This is the crème de la crème of range finders.
This is a first-of-its-kind rangefinder, with the PRO LX+ combining three innovative devices into one unit.
The PRO LX+ can be used like a typical rangefinder for distances to the pin – combine that with GPS distances to the F/M/B of the green and instantly you know exactly where the pin is located on the green.

You can quickly and easily track your game by simply tapping the club against the GPS screen before you hit your shot. After playing, upload your round via Bluetooth to access 100’s of performance statistics about your game to help you improve.
There’s a fast-firing laser rangefinder optimized for stability and accuracy, a GPS that’s loaded with 36,000 golf courses worldwide, and a built-in performance tracker.
The GPS can be detached from the laser (which has a 900-yard range) and used independently—attached to a player’s golf bag, stuck to a cart with a powerful magnet, or clipped onto a belt.
As technology has continued to emerge as more of a factor on the golf course, research indicates that golfers often rely on multiple GPS distance and tracking devices.
As for performance tracking, the Shot Scope’s 16 lightweight plug-n-play club tags easily screw into the butt-end of every club. The tags communicate with the device to identify what club was hit and its location on the course.
To record a shot, tap the club against the GPS screen and the device will vibrate to confirm club detection. After the round, dive into 100’s of performance statistics on Shot Scope’s free mobile app and web dashboard.

Another great feature of the Shot Scope Pro LX+ is the dual optics where you can customize the display on your PRO LX+ to either RED or BLACK. Each color stands out against different backgrounds, never be stuck trying to see the distance in any light or weather environments, simply switch to RED or BLACK!
Lastly, Shot Scope has for all skill levels, the free Shot Scope app that allows the golfer to track their performance over time and analyze areas for improvement.
Compare your game against other handicaps to understand your strengths and weaknesses. This can also help you set goals or targets going forward.
Free updates and no subscription fees..
For full details, and there are many, too many for this article, visit:

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers”, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf” which is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s bestseller list. His latest book,” The Right Mind for Golf” is now in its 10th printing. Expected out in late 2022, is “The Right Mind for Putting”.
He currently works with 14 Tour Players on mental coaching and scoring techniques.
He can be reached at  or

Golf Tourism Solutions to Manage 40th Annual National Retired Military Golf Classic

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Golf Tourism Solutions, home to the game’s premier tournament operations staff, is taking over management of the 40th annual National Retired Military Golf Classic (NRMGC), a 72-hole event that will be held May 30 – June 3 in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

The NRMGC flights players based on player handicaps and is again expected to attract 600 players from more than 40 states to the Grand Strand.

GTS will be responsible for all aspects of the event, including marketing, registration and on-site operations.

“We look forward to not only running the National Retired Military Golf Classic but also celebrating its success in 2023,” said Scott Tomasello, GTS’ tournament director. “This is an event for American heroes who love the game of golf and it has long been one of the most popular events on the Myrtle Beach golf calendar.”

The event provides an opportunity for retired military personnel and their spouses to participate in a golf tournament aimed at providing camaraderie and competition. The NRMGC is an IRS approved 501(c) 3 charity that annually donates a portion of its proceeds to the Fisher House Foundation, the USO, Jr. ROTC and Folds of Honor.

“The upcoming 40th anniversary of the tournament is expected to be an amazing event and we’re excited to partner with GTS and to make it the best golf tournament yet for our military retirees,” said MG (Ret.) Abe Turner, Tournament Chairman.

The NRMGC is one of 11 events the GTS tournament division will operate in 2023. Collectively the events will attract more than 6,000 players, account for more than 25,000 rounds of golf, and deliver millions of dollars in economic impact to the Myrtle Beach community.

Most notably, GTS runs the World Amateur Handicap Championship, the world’s largest single-site amateur golf tournament, an event that annually attracts more than 3,200 players from all 50 states and 15+ different countries.

Other events include the Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship, the Palmetto High School Golf Championships, the GolfBuddy Veterans Classic, Brittain Resorts Classic, World Am Q School, GolfTrek Challenge, Golfweek Myrtle Beach Amateur, Saintnine World Couples, and the Short Par 4 Fall Classic.

For more information, visit

Miura MC-502 Irons

The new MC-502 (muscle cavity) irons from Miura Golf replace the previous MC-501 model; they are designed and manufactured in Japan by Miura who subscribe to the idea of introducing a new model only when a measurable improvement is available.

Fast Facts Miura Golf MC-502 Irons
Better player category
Forged muscleback with split cavity
520C carbon steel
Satin chrome finish
Standard lofts: 5-iron 26°, pitching wedge 46°
Set of six irons $2,100

Miura has made some evolutionary adjustments in the MC-502 (muscle cavity) with the goal of making them easier to hit than the previous version MC-501 without compromising the looks or cachet.

This modern blade design has enough face progression—a slight increase versus the MC-501–so the offset could be decreased keeping the view at address better players prefer. With the same idea in mind the topline and profile of the toe have been rounded, “softened,” plus the sole camber has been increased while keeping the unique “Y” grind.

“While the MC-501 proved that forgiveness was attainable in a blade iron without compromising performance, the MC-502 shows that Shinei Miura was able to incorporate subtle design enhancements to meet the discerning needs of better players,” said Bill Holowaty, COO.

Miura Golf is one of Howard Milstein-owned companies under the umbrella of 8AM Golf. Among others in the 8AM stable are GOLF Magazine,, True Spec Golf and the Nicklaus Companies.

Daytona Beach Golf Community Counts Its Blessings This Thanksgiving

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The Daytona Beach area is feeling the holiday gratitude.

As Americans prepare to indulge in their annual turkey day feast and reflect on their blessings, here are five things the Daytona Beach golf community is most thankful for:

• Golfers! At the top of Daytona Beach’s list of reasons to be appreciative this holiday season are the golfers who love to play the area’s many courses. Whether it’s a local or someone traveling from across the country to tee it up, the passion and loyalty of the area’s golfers are at the heart of Volusia County’s popularity.

• Resilience: The resilience of the “World’s Most Famous Beach” has been on full display. The area has withstood two storms, but Daytona Beach golf courses – all of which are open and welcoming players – have emerged without lasting damage, setting the stage for players to enjoy the popular winter season.

• Variety: At the heart of Daytona Beach’s appeal are its nearly 20 courses, which provide the type of variety and value few destinations can match. Golfers love LPGA International, home to the acclaimed Jones and Hills courses, and a pair of Donald Ross designs at New Smyrna Beach GC and the South Course at Daytona Beach GC, and that’s just the beginning. Victoria Hills, a Ron Garl layout, has been ranked among Florida’s top 15 public courses and venerable Riviera Country Club is a member of the Historic Florida Golf Trail, highlighting the depth and quality of the area’s offerings.

• Gorgeous Weather: Despite some recent exceptions, Daytona Beach remains thankful for its weather. With an average high temperature of 68, January is the area’s coldest month and it’s still ideal for players who want to tee it up. Golfers can play 12 months a year in Daytona Beach and that’s not something to be taken for granted.

• So Much More: A significant part of the area’s appeal as a golf destination are the abundant off-course activities players enjoy. From Daytona International Speedway to the savoring the local flavors with casual eateries and waterfront dining, there is always something to do after the final putt drops.

For information on all of Daytona Beach’s golf offerings, visit DaytonaBeach.Golf.

PGA Tour-LIV Controversy—An Adult in the Room

It’s always refreshing when someone you respect agrees with you…or is it the other way around? In any event, when the number one ranked golfer says what you are thinking it’s nice to know you aren’t completely alone. Rory McIlroy takes a leadership role in the world of professional golf with a sensible suggestion to solve the unsustainable and stressful current situation.

“There’s a few things that I would like to see on the LIV side that needs to happen,” McIlroy said. “I think Greg [Norman] needs to go. I think he needs to just exit stage left. He’s made his mark, but I think now is the right time to sort of say, ‘Look, you’ve got this thing off the ground, but no one is going to talk unless there’s an adult in the room that can actually try to mend fences.'”

For those who may have been spending the past few months perfecting their pickleball serve or training 16 hours a day for a WWE comeback, LIV Golf is a competitor to the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, the former European Tour. It is a disruptor to the otherwise usually staid week to week tournaments run by the established tours.

Again, in case you have not been following the controversy, LIV Golf gets its money from the Public Investment Fund which is the sovereign wealth fund of the Saudi Arabian royal family with Hall of Fame member Greg Norman as front man.

It has become clear two things about LIV Golf stick in the craw of many observers.

First is the over-the-top signing bonuses paid by LIV to lure PGAT stars. Fan-favorite Phil Mickelson reportedly received $200 million and several other players getting their share. The list includes Dustin Johnson ($125 million), Bryson DeChambeau ($125 million) and Sergio Garcia who also banked $125 million while British Open Champion Cameron Smith had to settle for $100 million. Not unsurprisingly those taking the LIV money lost their right to compete on the PGA Tour with their status in the majors still to be determined.

Certainly, no one begrudges players winning huge sums because of their playing skill but it would appear the line is drawn with payments based on reputation alone. The LIV play is not a tour…at least not in the way most think of as professional competition. In fact, LIV is closer to a series of exhibitions, 48-player fields, 54-hole events with no cut and a payout to each player regardless of how they score plus a team competition with separate winnings.

For contrast Scottie Scheffler the PGA Tour 2021-2022 leading money winner (25 events, 4 wins, 1 major) won $14 million while LIV’s top performer Dustin Johnson took home $35.6 million in an eight-event season.

Luring stars away from the PGAT simply lessens the product without a commensurate gain for fans not to mention the local charities who receive substantial donations from every tournament. LIV has no broadcast contract leaving those interested to watch on the LIV social media channel and onsite event attendance has been minuscule.

Another issue LIV doesn’t address is the source of the money namely the Saudi Arabian regime. Even considering Saudi’s sizable percentage of the proven world oil reserves and all the critical political factors, the Kingdom’s dismal record of human rights abuses is an almost overwhelming point of contention.

Norman has also become the focal point in the argument and seems to relish that spot. From the initial announcement of the LIV series, it was clear the Aussie and former ranked world number one was on a mission to “get” the PGA Tour. This likely can be traced back to the early 1990s when Norman’s proposed world tour was vetoed by the PGAT. On top of that, today Norman doesn’t seem to be working towards any solution, simply making matters worse with antagonistic comments.

Don’t forget that according to Norman’s early statements, LIV’s goal was to grow the game by creating additional playing opportunities for a select number of players. This has not been accomplished since the defectors have lost their membership on the prevailing Tours and in fact an acrimonious competitor to the established circuits has been created

It is becoming clearer, unless a solution can be found golf fans and the many charities supported by the PGA Tour are going to be the losers.

McIlroy’s call for Norman to resign from LIV would be a good first step and bringing “an adult in the room” to open a dialogue between the sides is the only reasonable path.

Myrtle Beach’s Leading Golf Providers Unveil Exclusive Black Friday Package

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — The leaders in the Myrtle Beach golf industry – Founders Group International (FGI) and Brittain Resort Management (BRM) – have partnered to create an exclusive Black Friday package that will deliver unmatched value to traveling golfers.

The Black Friday All-Inclusive will allow players to choose among FGI’s 21 courses, including Grande Dunes, TPC Myrtle Beach and King’s North at Myrtle Beach National, while saving an additional $5 per round, per golfer. In addition to golf, players will receive range balls, lunch and two drinks tickets, good for draft beer, soft drinks and tea, each day at the course.

Group leaders will also have their choice among BRM’s 15 luxury hotel properties, including the recently renovated Breakers Resort and the Caribbean, two of Myrtle Beach’s most popular oceanfront resorts, and they can save up to 50 percent off the cost of lodging. Golfers will enjoy complimentary breakfast each morning at the hotel as well.

The Black Friday All-Inclusive, which began on Monday, November 14 and runs through 11:59 p.m. on November 28, requires a minimum of a two-night stay and three rounds of golf. The offer can be booked for play anytime between Feb. 1 and Dec. 31, 2023, with the only blackout dates being April 13 – May 6.


This package is available through and, among other area providers.

The Black Friday All-Inclusive package will allow players to book tee times during the spring and fall seasons, when weather and course conditions are ideal in Myrtle Beach. Players dealing with dreary weather elsewhere in the country can head to the Golf Capital of the World to enjoy 75-degree days and good times on and off the course.

Founders Group International, Myrtle Beach’s leading golf course operator, provides the best combination of quality and value in all of golf travel. Grande Dunes, which has five holes that play along Intracoastal Waterway, TPC Myrtle Beach, and King’s North, the iconic Arnold Palmer design, have all been ranked among America’s top 100 public courses.

Pawleys and Long Bay, a pair of Jack Nicklaus designs, are among the area’s most popular layouts, and historic Pine Lakes Country Club was Myrtle Beach’s first course. FGI’s family of courses have the ability to meet the needs of any golf group, magnifying the of the Black Friday All-Inclusive.

For more information on the Black Friday All-Inclusive, visit

DTC Brands Offer Big-Time Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals

When it comes to golf equipment and apparel, no channel has grown like direct-to-consumer over the past two years. This exponential increase was partly out of necessity during the pandemic, sure. But as an unintended byproduct, consumer comfort level with buying anything from full sets of golf clubs to hoodies and hats online has reached an all-time high and shows no signs of slowing down.

Never is this more evident than the approximate two-week shopping extravaganza that kicks off a week before Black Friday and typically ends on Cyber Monday at midnight. Rather than two singular points in time, these two mega-shopping dates have morphed into a fortnight of fun for savvy Internet shoppers. In fact, all golfers really need to do is sit back and watch the emails hitting their inboxes over the next few days.

Here’s the early scoop on a few white-hot brands offering epic savings as we approach the holiday and peak gift-giving season.

TRUE linkswear

Pacific Northwest TRUE linkswear has flexed hard during the latter half of 2022 with the drop of its new Future Staples golf shoe line and foray into the apparel realm with the introduction of its All Day Pants. This coming off a banner year in 2021 in which the brand received a multi-million-dollar private equity infusion and announced a series of high-profile ambassadors like Joel Dahmen and Christina Kim.

And the iconic brand helmed by brothers Jason and Ryan Moore is rewarding its legions of fans who #EnjoyTheWalk this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with 20% to 70% off sitewide through Nov. 28th. Additionally, “Featured Deals” include the All Day Knit II starting at $79 and the Lux Sport starting at $89. TRUE’s also offering 10% off orders of $250 or more with code BF10 and 15% off orders of $500 or more with BF15.


To borrow a phrase from Ron Burgundy, RADMOR co-founder Scott Morrison was “kind of a big deal” in the denim industry before launching the Seattle-based brand with his former University of Washington golf teammate Bob Conrad. With an unwavering commitment to the underlying environment, Morrison brings that same style and function to golf apparel. RADMOR is the first golf apparel brand to focus on eliminating virgin polyester in its wares.

Its crisply-designed polos, pants, shorts and outerwear are primarily made from extra-long-staple cotton. While it can take polyester hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill, cotton will break down in a fraction of that time. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, RADMOR keeps it simple: 25% off sitewide starting on Thanksgiving Day, including its new Fall / Winter line, which just dropped.

OnCore Golf

If financial guru Charles Schwab and All-Pro Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen are both investors, the average golfer can rest assured their game (and their money) is in good hands. Buffalo, N.Y.-based OnCore Golf was a vaunted “first mover” in the DTC golf ball category. It tapped into its team of nanoscientists to create a proprietary perimeter weighting technology that produces golf balls that fly longer and straighter.

In 2022, OnCore dropped two brand new models – the three-piece ELIXR 2022 and the four-piece VERO X2. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, OnCore is rolling out one of its biggest sales of the year: buy two dozen, get a dozen free. The offer is valid on any of its five high-performance golf balls: AVANT 55, ELIXR 2020, ELIXR 2022, VERO X1 and the aforementioned VERO X2, which just landed on Golf Digest’s vaunted Hot List. OnCore has also hinted a killer deals on branded merch, like polos, hoodies, golf gloves, tees and more.

Adidas Golf Apparel and Footwear: Doing Their Part To Help The Environment

Adidas continues to lead the way when it comes to recycled golf apparel and footwear that seeks to eliminate plastic waste. Three models of men’s and women’s golf shoes are a good example. The Men’s S2G Recycled Polyester Mid-Cut Golf Shoes are made with recycled content in the company’s never-ending quest to end plastic waste. It’s a mid-cut golf shoe that is perfect for wet weather. These shoes have a wide fit with a lace closure and RAIN.RDY technology keeps water out so that your feet stay dry the entire round. The Bounce midsole and four-cleat rubber Adiwear outsole offer comfort, grip, and stability. The Rubber V-Traxion outsole is fitted with Thintech cleats.

My favorite golf shoes are the Tour 360 line. The new Tour 360 22 (2022, I assume) is available in sizes 7 – 15. They are available in several different colors including White, Black, Blue, Red, and Green. The adidas BOOST midsole delivers energy return and extreme comfort and the 360Wrap design locks your foot in for added stability and support. The INSITE sockliner provides cushioning for fit and balance, and the SPIKEMORE traction outsole keeps your feet connected to the ground with no slippage. These shoes are very responsive and made in part from recycled materials.

The Women’s Code Chaos Spikeless Golf Shoes are the epitome of everything a spikeless golf shoe should be. The wraparound outsole provides stability for your golf stance while the Twist Grip sole keeps you firmly in contact with the ground. The full-length BOOST midsole delivers uncompromised comfort and TOUR-level performance. These women’s shoes are available in sizes 5 – 11 and in a variety of colors.

It may feel like fall up north but down here in the Southeast, it’s still shorts weather. Unfortunately, long pants and sweaters have a short lifecycle in this region each season. adidas’ Ultimate 365 line of men’s and women’s polos and bottoms have a year-round appeal and for my money, they are the go-to apparel line regardless of the weather. The ladies’ Ultimate 365 solid short is available in sizes XS-XL and in three basic colors, Grey, Black, and White. The wide power-mesh waist helps to create a slimming effect and the moisture-absorbing AEROREADY fabric is soft to the touch and keeps you dry and odor-free throughout your round. This skort is sewn from 100% recycled polyester twill and the attached undershorts have grip tape at the hem on the leg to keep everything where it should be. Two front and two back pockets provide enough room for all of your essential golf accessories. The Ultimate 365 skort is just another example of adidas’ commitment to finding a solution for ending plastic waste.

For cooler weather golfers, adidas’ Go-To Five Pocket Golf Pants are great both on and off the course. The nylon twill fabric gives them a cool, dry feel, and the stretchy fabric lets you move and flex with ease. The classic five-pocket design gives you plenty of room for tees, ball markers, and a scorecard. They are available in a variety of waist sizes and lengths and in five colors: Gray Three, Black, Crew Navy, Bliss, or Shadow Green.

A good pair of pants needs a stylish belt and adidas’ Braided Stretch Belt brings added function too. Not only is it a good-looking accessory, but it also keeps your pants in place while flexing and adapts as you bend and move on the course. It’s available in four colors, Navy, Gray, Black, and Hemp.

Ladies will find that the Essentials Mock Neck Sleeveless Polo combines both comfort and style. The lightweight fabric has stretch to move with you and AEROREADY technology wicks away moisture to keep you dry. The mock neck design features moss stitching for a modern, textured look and the scooped hem finishes the look.  The Essentials Mock Neck Sleeveless Polo is available for ladies in sizes XS-XXL and in either Indigo Navy/White or Black/White.

If you like to play regardless of the weather, adidas has something for both men and women. For ladies, the Embossed ¼ zip Snap Pullover is a golf shirt with a water-repellent coating to help get you through those blustery days on the course with no distractions. The adjustable drawcord at the hem lets you cinch up to keep the elements out so you stay warm. The large side pockets are big enough to store your keys, wallet, and even a phone, but no one has one of those on the golf course! It’s available in sizes XS-XL and in either White or Navy.

Guys will keep warm with adidas’ Adicross Anorak which is made from a stretchy fabric for full mobility and features a large kangaroo packet that you can use to keep your hands warm between shots and a drawcord adjustable hood with a face covering just in case. It’s perfect for playing golf…or shoveling snow! The Adicross Anorak is available in sizes S – XXL and in Trace Blue, Natural Green, or Savannah.

Whether it’s hot and windy or you’re just having a bad hair day, there’s nothing better than a good-fitting and stylish hat. The Ladies’ I’m Not The Cart Girl hat is all of that with a bit of added humor. The pre-curved brim shades your eyes and the adjustable back strap lets you find the perfect fit. It’s available in White, Black, or Semi Turbo.

Nearly all of these adidas products have one thing in common. They are all made in part from recycled material and show the company’s commitment to reducing plastic waste. The I’m Not the Cart Girl Hat is 100% cotton and supports more sustainable cotton farming.

Adidas has you covered regardless of the weather where you live. My advice to golfers up north: Find an indoor Trackman facility where you can wear shorts year-round and look good! To see the entire adidas lineup, visit their website at and shop by sport.

Vineyard Vines Golf Apparel Helps You Light Up the Fairways

Another golf season has come and gone up north and you probably noticed several of your playing partners sporting new golf apparel from Vineyard Vines. Here are a few Vineyards Vines pieces that caught our eye this year. Solid Pique Polo is quickly becoming a go-to piece for the ladies. The soft pique fabric is moisture- Want a little more sun? The Sleeveless Solid Jersey Polo is sewn from Vineyard Vines’ soft performance jersey fabric and features a self-collar with a 4-button placket, and an open hem. It’s moisture-wicking, so you’ll stay dry and cool and the whale logo on the chest helps identify the brand the Sleeveless Solid Jersey Polo is available in sizes XXS- XL and in several colors including Papaya Passion, White Cap, and Deep Bay.

Want a little more sun? The Sleeveless Solid Jersey Polo is sewn from Vineyard Vines’ soft performance jersey fabric and features a self-collar with a 4-button placket, and an open hem. It’s moisture-wicking, so you’ll stay dry and cool and the whale logo on the chest helps identify the brand the Sleeveless Solid Jersey Polo is available in sizes XXS- XL and in several colors including Papaya Passion, White Cap, and Deep Bay.

The Striped Sankaty Polo is a short-sleeve, high-performance polo that blends spandex into the fabric for added comfort, flexibility, and a flattering, feminine fit.  It has a self-collar, a four-button placket with VV logoed buttons, and a smilin’ whale on the chest. The Striped Sankaty Polo is available in sizes XXS – XL and in Crystal Blue. This polo pairs well with a number of Vineyard Vines’ performance skorts.

My favorite ladies’ piece from the new Vineyard Vines 2022 collection is the 17 Inch Scallop Skort. The performance fit gives great mobility and the skort’s moisture-wicking keeps you cool and dry. The undershorts have a silicone gripper at the hem and the two back pockets with seam zippers provide a lot of room for all your golf goodies. The scalloped hem and pocket details look great and there’s a smilin’ whale embroidered above the back pocket. The new 17” Scallop Skort is available in sizes 00 – 18 and in several colors including Stone, White Cap, Deep Bay, and Calm Waters.

They may not be acceptable golf attire at some clubs, but the Corded White Jamie Jean Shorts sure look good! Handcrafted from premium Italian denim with a stretch & recovery fabric that creates the perfect fit with subtle cording detail down the side seam. Special wrap-around stretch pocket bags are sewn into the fly for a flattering “holds-you-in” feel and Vineyard Vines’ signature metal hardware gives these denim shorts an authentic feel. There’s also a signature “V” belt loop at the center back waistband and traditional 5-point pockets on the back. The Corded White Jamie Jean Shorts are available in sizes 24 – 33 and in White Cap.

Vineyard Vines’ Sankaty Midi Margo Shirtdress goes from work to play, it’s that comfortable! It’s sewn from their 90% Poly 10% Signature Sankaty fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection and a little Spandex for added stretch. This mid-length garment features side slits at the hemline and is lightweight and airy. There’s a 5-button front placket with a self-collar and the sleeves are elbow-length. The Sankaty Midi Margo Shirtdress is available in sizes XXS – XL and in a Palm/Calm Water Print.

There’s nothing better on a cool fall morning than a good sweater. Vineyard Vines’ Cotton Cashmere Crew Sweater. This great-looking sweater is sewn from an ultra-soft 85 % cotton and 15% cashmere blended fabric and features ribbing at the collar, bottom hem, and sleeve cuffs. The Pink silhouette is garment-washed for a natural worn-in look, with extra detailing at the seams. It’s where luxurious meets laid back! The Cotton Cashmere Crew Sweater is available in sizes XXS – XL and in Knockout Pink.

The Americana Relaxed Shep Shirt is a lighter-weight version of their classic Shep Shirt. It’s sewn from their quick-drying performance fabric and the built-in stretch created a comfortable fit. It’s well-branded with a signature Vineyard Vines logo box on the left chest and a Vineyard Vines Patch at the center back neck. This Relaxed Shep Shirt is available in sizes XXS – 3X and in White Cap.

The Stripe Block Terry Shorts from Vineyard Vines take comfort to a whole new level. They are sewn from a comfortable terry cloth fabric in a blocked stripe print with a drawstring at the waistband for the perfect fit. There are two side pockets on the front and one back pocket for ample storage. The embroidered smilin’ whale logo on the back pocket tells your friends your favorite brands. These great-looking Terry Shorts are available in sizes XXS – XL.

If you’re a lady who just feels more comfortable in a golf dress, Vineyard Vines Sleeveless Performance Golf Dress is a perfect choice. It’s sewn from a stretchy performance fabric that moves with you for swing comfort and a full range of motion. It’s moisture-wicking and quick drying so you’ll stay dry your entire round. The back pleating on the skirt adds a nice touch  of style and the zipped collar lets you decide the look. The 5” inseam bike shorts have a secret pocket for balls and tees. The Sleeveless Performance Golf Dress is available in sizes XXS – 3XL and in either Pink Cloud Frost Geo or White Cap.

Vineyard Vines has been the official style of the Kentucky Derby for the past 10 years. The women’s hat they introduced this year is the Natural Kentucky Derby Floppy Bow Sun Hat. It’s a woven straw hat with a wide floppy brim with a woven seersucker bow. Visit the website and get them at a reduced price while they last.

When the fall weather hits, the On-The-Go 5-Pocket Pants will keep you warm. The cotton-like hand feel is undeniably technical, with a water-repellent finish, and a stretchy, functional fabric that moves with you. The stretch interior waistband provides additional comfort. The fit is straight through the thigh with a slight taper at the ankle and the Rubber coated faux horn buttons add a nice touch. The On-The-Go 5-Pocket Pants are available in sizes 28 – 42 and in a few colors including Blue Blazer, Khaki, Surplus Green, and Seacliff Blue.

You’ll need to keep your upper body warm as well, and the Cashmere Linen Crewneck Sweater from the Jim Nantz Collection pairs well with the 5-Pocket Pants. This great-looking sweater is sewn from a 50% Cashmere and 50% Linen fabric and features a double-knit ribbed neckline, linked seams, and armholes with two rows of fisherman’s rib.

Another great piece from the Jim Nantz Collection is the Palmero Polo, which is available in both long and short sleeves. It’s sewn from the company’s brrr fabric which offers immediate and continuous cooling, moisture-wicking, and rapid drying. The anti-microbial properties will keep you smelling fresh and the UPF 50 fabric finish will keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay. The short has a classic, relaxed fit with built-in stretch and a reinforced collar stand for a cleaner look, and small side vents tailored for movement. There’s a whale dot on the back neck yoke to identify the brand. The Palmero Polo is available in sizes XS – XXL and in 26 different colors & patterns.

The Carmel Polo – also from the Jim Nantz Collection – is sewn from soft-knit jersey fabric and has all of the same features as the Palmero Polo. It’s available in XS – XXL and in Blue Blazer, Pink Cloud, Blue Bay, Cloud, and White Cap.

The 9-inch Stillwater golf shorts are about as technically sound as you can get in a garment. For starters, they have built-in stretch and a flexible waistband for comfort. The fabric is water-resistant and the UPF 30+ sun protection finish keeps you safe from the sun. There’s a hidden zipper and a media pocket that offers extra security when you’re on the move. The 9-Inch Stillwater Shorts are available in sizes 28 – 46 and in several colors including Bayside Blue, Tropical Peach, Stone Blue Blazer, Sharkskin, and Asphalt.

These are just a few pieces from Vineyard Vines’ golf apparel collections for 2022. You can see everything they have at

Cobra’s T-Rail Hybrid-Iron Combo Set

Addressing the needs of players wanting help with their iron play Cobra has introduced the third generation of their T-Rail hybrid-iron combo set making use of a design that is both forgiving and easy-to-hit.

Fast Facts Cobra Golf T-Rail Hybrid Irons
Super game-improvement category
Hollow clubhead
4H-6H hybrids
4-iron through sand wedge hollow irons
A.I.-designed H.O.T. Face
Baffler sole rails
Lofts: 5-iron 23°, pitching wedge 44°
Stock Shaft: Cobra Ultralite
Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline
Set of 4H, 5-iron through pitching wedge $999

When Cobra introduced the first all-hollow iron hybrids three years ago the advantages for less skilled golfers were immediately obvious. This, the third iteration, is even more advantageous in that they provide trajectory and distance with a high launch while allowing control.

A hollow construction uses a broad sole with plenty for room for two Baffler Rails for better turf contact and ball impact from even troublesome lies. The leading part of each rail is hollow, and this helps to give added flex in the sole behind the clubface and that means better distance and launch.

The latest methodology for club design, Artificial intelligence, was used to produce the variable thickness and Cobra says what they call the “Sweet Zone” was enlarged by 30% with the entire face producing more ball speed.

All of the T-Rail clubs, hybrids and hybrid-shaped irons, have a flat iron-type face rather than a hybrid face’s bulge and roll.

While the seven-club set is stock with Ultralite shafts options for steel shafts and individual clubs, either T-Rail Hybrids at $180 each or Hybrid-Irons at $143 each, are available.

Ocean Club on Paradise Island: a Weiskopf Masterpiece

The flight from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Lyden Pindling International Airport in the bustling Bahamas town of Nassau is a short one. Two hours and 40 minutes to be exact. Most of that time is spent cruising over the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea’s northernmost section. According to anecdotal reports from Bahamian locals, around half the passengers on any given flight are bound for one of two mega resorts: Atlantis Paradise Island or Baha Mar just minutes from the airport.

Both properties feature golf courses ranked among the best in the Caribbean and Mexico by Golfweek. The Tom Weiskopf-designed Ocean Club is available for guests of Atlantis, and Jack Nicklaus-designed Royal Blue is the centerpiece of Baha Mar. For golf course architecture aficionados, the gravitational pull from both highly-regarded layouts is formidable. With Weiskopf passing away following a battle with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, a reverential round at the Ocean Club is the perfect way to pay homage to one of the modern game’s greatest designers.

 The Golf

Unlike Baha Mar and Royal Blue, Ocean Club is located offsite from Atlantis and is a 10–15-minute cab or shuttle ride away. It’s part of the Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas, owned by Access Industries. Ocean Club functions in part as a member-driven business model operated by Troon but is also available to guests of Atlantis and the Four Seasons. The upshot? Conditioning is top notch and pace of play is pleasantly brisk. Troon is the best in the business in this space, and it shows. Golfers will find a more-than-adequate clubhouse with a restaurant, a fully-stocked golf shop, and a spacious practice facility with range and short game areas.

Weiskopf completely revamped the course in 2000 during his salad days as one of the game’s most thoughtful, elegant designers. He and his team were able to stretch the yardage to 7,159 from the back tees, which weigh in with a redoubtable course rating of 76.1 and slope of 140. Several holes feature unobstructed views of the Caribbean, starting with the fourth hole, a long, strong par 4 with a green protected by a tidal pool on the right and the ocean behind it.

The balance of the front nine returns inland, but the ocean is never out of sight. Ocean Club’s enviable seaside setting reprises on the par-3 12th, one of the toughest one-shotters in the Caribbean. Weiskopf stretched No. 12 to nearly 200 yards, and with the prevailing coastal breezes, it plays as the No. 2 handicap hole on the course. However, the undisputed signature hole at Ocean Club is No. 17, the proverbial, drivable Weiskopf par 4. This two-shotter plays just under 300 yards from the back tees with its entire fairway and green complex running along the ocean.

Because of its location, quality and pedigree, Ocean Club is no stranger to hosting marquee tournaments and events. It’s hosted the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic and the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational. At the time of this writing, the club and Atlantis staged the Steve Harvey Charity Classic. Celebrity sightings on the course and around the clubhouse are almost the norm, not the exception. On this occasion, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal turned more than a few heads.

Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Paradise Island offers a “Tee Time” package that includes a round of golf on Ocean Club, $25 golf shop credit and $50 food and beverage credit. Note: the package currently requires a five-night stay and runs through Aug. 31, 2023. The resort features one of the largest water parks in the Western Hemisphere, with more than 140 acres of water slides, lazy rivers, multiple swimming pools and beaches. Atlantis Paradise Island also houses a casino and sports book in The Royal – the main hotel at the property’s center. Guests can choose from numerous restaurants onsite, many of which are in the marina area just a short walk from The Royal.

Chips Shots

Lyden Pindling International is a U.S. Customs clearing airport, meaning you’ll clear customs there and not back in the U.S. The convenience factor is off the charts, as it rarely adds much, if any, time in getting to your gate … This setup also makes bringing your clubs exponentially easier, but should you opt to leave the sticks at home, Ocean Club does have rentals sets that are in fair condition … Atlantis is not an all-inclusive resort, so be sure to do your homework on the “all-in” cost of a multi-day itinerary.

Must Visit Golf Destinations for 2023

The Seaside Course at The Sea Island Course is one of the most beautiful I’ve had the opportunity to photograph, Especially from the air. This photograph of the 14th hole was taken with an Inspire1 pro just after sunrise.

We’re approaching the end of 2022, but you likely already received an email from your favorite golf destination this fall urging you to book your spring golf trip ASAP. Despite prolonged inflation and rising interest rates, demand for golf travel is still bullish. In the Southeastern U.S., the golf season is year-round but gets underway in late February as the Eastern redbud trees bloom. From Florida to North Carolina, these golf destinations are setup perfectly for an extended golf getaway next year.


Innisbrook Golf Resort Innisbrook’s Copperhead Course is a favorite among PGA TOUR pros, and it’s also one of the most difficult on the ever-popular Florida Swing. This highly amenitized resort west of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico houses four courses along with various rooms, suites, vacation rentals and top-notch restaurants. It’s a true set-it-and-forget-it golf stronghold and easy drive from Tampa International Airport.

PGA National Resort and Spa – Palm Beach County is a hotbed of golf, and it doesn’t get any hotter than PGA National Resort and Spa, home of the PGA TOUR’s Honda Classic. Four 18-hole courses, including the Jack Nicklaus-designed Champion (home of the TOUR’s Honda Classic), await golfers willing to test their mettle against this tournament-tested venue. The Match Course, designed by Andy Staples, recently opened, touting a modern twist on Golden Age templates.

PGA Golf Club – The flagship public property of the PGA of America, PGA Golf Club at PGA Village is a 54-hole golf panacea with a world-class practice range, short game area and short course. Catch a bite to eat in the Taplow Pub and stay a few nights in the adjacent Perfect Drive Villas or neighboring Hilton Garden Inn. This is a golf purist’s pitstop devoid of frivolous amenities and activities. All golf, all the time.

Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa – Located in Palm Coast, Fla. just south of St. Augustine, Hammock Beach and Golf Resort quietly goes about its business of being one of the best 36-hole golf destinations in the state. The Jack Nicklaus-designed Ocean Course features six holes that play right along the Atlantic with the final four nicknamed “The Bear Claw” due to the windswept challenge they present. The Conservatory Course, designed by Tom Watson, is one of the longest in the state and features a linksy feel harkening to Watson’s love of all things British golf. The resort offers a variety of different golf packages, seasonally.

Streamsong Resort – One of Florida’s newest and most publicized golf resorts got even newer with the opening of its Gil Hanse-designed Black Course in 2018. Streamsong’s Red and Blue courses have also quickly moved atop the national rankings, and the Streamsong Lodge is the perfect place to kick back and relax, post-round. Earlier this year, resort officials announced the construction of The Chain, a short course being designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.


Callaway Resort and Gardens – Golf may not be the first thing that comes to mind at this famous water-skiing stronghold, but the 18-hole Lake View and Mountain View Courses are a couple of underrated gems. Golfers can choose from the AAA Four Diamond Lodge, cottages or villa accommodations. Callaway Resort and Gardens doesn’t get the “ink” many of its Georgia counterparts do, but it’s worth the visit and priced to please.

Reynolds Lake OconeeReynolds Lake Oconee is to Georgia as Pinehurst Resort is to North Carolina. That is to say, a seemingly endless supply of golf in the form of six highly-ranked layouts designed by Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Rees Jones, Bob Cupp and Jim Engh. Lodging ranges from cozy cottages to the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Lake Oconee. Golf course big game hunters will want to tackle the Great Waters Course which lies gracefully along the lake shore and features many of the Southeast’s most scenic holes.

Sea Island Resort – While Georgia is better known as the home of The Masters, the RSM Classic at Sea Island Resort is a PGA TOUR player favorite. So much so, several pros make their home at this golf haven on Atlantic. The Seaside Course is a Tom Fazio redesign perched hard on the Atlantic; the Plantation Course was recently renovated by natives Davis and Mark Love, who also recast the vastly underrated Retreat Course in 2001.

North Carolina

Grandover Resort – Golfers need only veer off I-85 in Greensboro to access this 36-hole collection designed by Gary Panks. A full-service onsite hotel offers all the accouterments, from casual and fine dining to a spa and fitness center. If convenience and value are major considerations, it’s hard to top Grandover Resort in either of these categories.

Pinehurst Resort – Nine 18-hole courses, including famed No. 2, host of the 2024 U.S. Open, make Pinehurst Resort the largest golf resort in the U.S. Golfers also flock The Cradle, a nine-hole short course designed by Gil Hanse, and Thistle Dhu, a 75,000 square-foot putting course. Three hotels, including the recently renovated Manor Inn and Carolina Hotel, are just a short walk to the Pinehurst Brewing Co, which opened in 2018 in the Village’s old steam plant.

The Cradle at Pinehurst Resort
The Cradle at Pinehurst Resort

Rumbling Bald – Spring in Western North Carolina means mountain golf and Rumbling Bald along scenic Lake Lure won’t disappoint during peak 2023 golf season with two 18-hole tracks, Apple Valley and Bald Mountain, designed by W.B. Lewis and Dan Maples. Spacious vacation rentals are available for stay-and-plays, and the lake offers endless off-course activities. Apple Valley, with several downhill and level fairways, is a mountain-style course. Bald Mountain, bequeathed with doglegs and a bevy of blind shots, is a true mountain layout.

Bald Mountain at Rumbling Bald

South Carolina

Cherokee Valley Course and Club – Upstate South Carolina’s premier golf destination, Cherokee Valley Course and Club is home to a P.B. Dye mountain-style layout, on-site cottages and a brand-new casual dining restaurant, Core 450. Get game ready at one of South Carolina’s most expansive practice facilities.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort – For golfers who want to play where the pros play this year, Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Ocean Course is hosting the 2020 PGA Championship in May. If Pete Dye’s diabolic oceanside layout it too tough to tackle, four other 18-hole courses adorn this majestic barrier island near Charleston. Catch a good night’s rest at the Sanctuary at Kiawah, a AAA Five Diamond hotel.

Myrtle Beach – While it’s not a resort, per se, the Grand Strand one of the world’s most iconic golf destinations. Accommodation options are limitless, and lineup cards can be filled with vaunted venues like Tidewater Golf Club, Grande Dunes Resort Course, King’s North at Myrtle Beach National, Caledonia Golf and Fish Club and TPC Myrtle Beach. Check out for one-stop shopping for golf packages featuring many of the Grand Strand’s best tracks and lodging.

King’s North No. 12.

Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort – Hilton Head is known as “Golf Island,” and the three brawny layouts at Palmetto Dunes are a big reason for that moniker. The Robert Trent Jones features one of the island’s only oceanfront holes, and the George Fazio and Arthur Hills courses round out the bill. Golf groups love the popular “Birdies and Beer Getaway” and the resort’s comfy vacation rentals.

George Fazio Course at Palmetto Dunes

Sea Pines Resort – Settled along Hilton Head Island’s south end, The Sea Pines Resort is home of the PGA TOUR’s RBC Heritage tournament and famed Harbour Town Golf Links. Two other championship-caliber tracks reside inside the gates, Heron Point by Pete Dye and Atlantic Dunes by Davis Love III. The Inn and Club at Harbor Town is just a pitching wedge from the clubhouse and the famed Yacht Basin is a short jaunt away.

Fripp Island Golf and Beach Resort – The most seaward of South Carolina’s Sea Islands, Fripp Island Golf and Beach Resort’s is 18 miles east of historic Beaufort, where novelist Pat Conroy spent his summers. Its original course is Ocean Point, designed by George Cobb while its newer layout, Ocean Creek, is a Davis Love III / Paul Crowley collaboration. A wide selection of vacation rentals are available, ranging from on-course villas and condos to luxury rental homes. On the way in or out of Fripp, don’t miss Legends Golf Course on Parris Island, one of the country’s best military-owned venues.

Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort