Aquabrush Provides Easy Solution For Cleaning Clubs and Golf Balls


Pitchfix USA, a global market leader in divot tools and other golf products, is now providing golfers with an easy and effective way to clean club heads and golf balls with its AquaBrush spray cleaner.

AquaBrush is a small, portable device with a brush and water reservoir that is used to clean club head grooves and golf balls. Press the button on top of AquaBrush and a spray of water shoots out and on to the clubface or the ball. Just use a towel or cloth to wipe equipment clean.

Clean clubhead grooves are essential for great golf shots. Leftover dirt and grass in club grooves can cause loss of spin and distance because the moisture from the course grass cannot be dispersed. The water spray is ideal for club grooves that contain dried out dirt and other debris. Simply spray the grooves, brush them clean and wipe clean for a perfect hitting surface.

AquaBrush is a critical accessory for every golfer during these Covid-19 times where golf courses have eliminated ball washers and towels to keep your equipment clean and efficient,” said Bart Fokke CEO of Pitchfix.

“With limited options for maintaining equipment on the course, AquaBrush enables golfers to clean their club heads and golf balls in a quick and efficient way. This is a handy device for golfers and a great gift idea for friends and clients,” he added.

AquaBrush, available in four colors, is lightweight and durable. It comes with a disposable brush head which can be replaced for optimal cleaning and it attaches to your bag. AquaBrush can be customized with your or your client’s logo on the cap.
More information about AquaBrush, including available colors, can be found at

David Daubert

David has been writing about golf since the turn of the century. He was Managing Editor at a regional golf magazine for 11 years, published in Canada, the IAGTO and a Staff Writer for The Georgia Golf Trail. His insightful perspective brings golf to life.

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