Perfect Practice Putting Mat: A ‘Golf Life’ Saver


The text message came directly from Dustin Johnson. Well, not exactly. But the message, sent via Perfect Practice regarding its wildly popular Putting Mat, was a heartfelt narrative from “DJ” about how the training aid has improved his putting over the past two years.

I’d seen the commercials on Golf Channel during the pandemic. DJ sporting his trademark, off-course Adidas hoodie, rocking laser alignment glasses and rolling putts on the Perfect Practice Putting Mat with the Southeast Florida sun glistening off the water in the background.

It was at that point I signed up for “PPPM’s” SMS list.

Over the course of the next eight months, I watched helplessly as my putting got worse and worse. I logged well over 100 rounds in 2020 and was on pace to eclipse that in 2021. Using the Arccos Caddie system, I track every shot from every round, and I was losing up to six strokes per round on the greens.

Perfect Practice Putting Matt
DJ at work on his Perfect Practice Putting Matt


Then the text from PPPM hit my iPhone. Done deal, I ordered it on the spot for free delivery within a matter of days.

Out of the box, it’s a cinch to set up. The mat is already connected to the base and just needs to be unrolled and reverse-rolled a few times to help straighten it. The ball return track hooks together with magnets and can be customized to the distance putt you want to practice.

The PPM features two tracks and cups, one regulation size and the other smaller. Once you get a feel for the proper alignment and speed, you can really get a rhythm going with just one golf ball as your putt drops and returns in just a few seconds.

Some might wonder why the cups are elevated. Well, ever leave a birdie putt short only to hear every possible golf putting cliché from your playing partners? Or how about coming up a revolution short on a par putt to save a good round?

The folks at PPM aren’t proponents of having putts die in the hole; they’d rather golfers miss long and have an easy comeback read for the next putt.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat
The Perfect Practice Bundle

One thing to note, and it’s an important call-out so that you’re not frustrated with the PPPM the first day or two: it takes a few days to flat out the mat from side to side. Out of the box, putts will funnel toward the middle of the mat and end up between the two cups.

To help speed up the process, fold the edges down under and massage them a bit. You can also iron the mat, which helps tremendously.

I’ve been using the PPPM for over a month now and it has improved my putting dramatically. Mainly speed since it and other flat mats can’t replicate break. The “Drop-5” five-day system developed by Zach Allen is also an excellent overview of putting fundamentals and drills for up-leveling your PPPM experience.

Perfect Practice offers several other accessories to even further drill down on your putting alignment and stroke. I plan to check those out soon as well, and bundles are also available. Three mat lengths are offered: compact, standard and XL.

For more information, visit

Shane Sharp

Shane Sharp is a longtime golf writer based in Greenville, S.C. In addition to running his content marketing business, Southbound 4, he's a regular contributor to GOLF Magazine, Golf Inc., Club Management and other golf magazines and websites.

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