Procheck – Measure The Compression of Your Golf Ball

A Q&A With John Donahue, President of Golftek, LLC


Tell me about your product and why should golfers add this to their golf bags in 2018?

Many people confuse compression with ball density, which because ball diameters is fixed above 1.68” and weight at 1.62 ounces, is always the same.  Compression is the force on a golf ball to deform it a given amount, so the higher the number the more force required to achieve a given deflection.  The industry standard for golf ball compression has been the Atti scale.

Raphael Atti developed his procedure for measuring golf ball hardness rating back in the 1920’s and it was patented in 1942.  It’s a bulky laboratory machine and not at all suited for use on the course.

ProCheck® is a handheld device that fits in your golf bag easily.  The best reason for golfers to measure the hardness of their golf balls is to increase the distance of their drives.  Properly matching a golfer’s swing speed to the hardness of the ball increases the stored energy in the ball, which is released as it comes off the club face.

Tell me how to use product and what readings does a golfer get?

ProCheck® is a patented and uses solid state circuitry to quantify how compressible a golf ball is.  The ball hardness is displayed from very soft with 1 bar to 8 bars for very firm.

ProCheck® also allows golfers to ensure that the old balls in their bag are still the correct compression number for them.  Balls can change over time dependent on storage conditions.  Ball hawks finding their balls on the edge of the course will particularly benefit by only keeping those balls suited to their swing speed/ driver distance.

Our goal is to ensure golfers swing speed is matched with the compression of the golf balls they are using.

What is the benefit of using the device?

ProCheck is an affordable, easy to use device that brings ball compression technology right into the palm of your hand.  Now golfers can conveniently test every golf ball in their bag and be certain the compression of the ball matches their swing speed.

Ball compression can change over time depending on storage conditions.  Practicing or playing with old golf balls that have become too soft or hard can impact your performance.

Where can golfers learn more about the Procheck®?

You can learn more about Procheck at The Procheck will will be available for sale in May 2018 with a retail price under $150.


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