Sparrow – Meet The New AI Golf Swing App


Sparrow, the app that will take your golf swing to the next level using AI technology, has some exciting news to announce. We first want to announce that our app is now available in the App Store (as of this week!!!) Sparrow also recently won the most valuable company at the Keiretsu Forum which is the largest angel investor network in the world!!! With over $1M raised, Sparrow is currently in its early bird round for our Equity Crowdfund where we are looking to raise over $3 million (you can learn more about it here:

Joe Chin, Sam Piggot, and Todd Eaglin, our founders, are all successful serial entrepreneurs, product innovators, and AI Ph.D. ‘s who have put together an All-Star Team. With Professional Golfers like Harold Varner, Brittany Lincicome, and Martin Laird who are all investors and ambassadors for the company, Sparrow is not your average golf application.

With the launch on the app store, Sparrow is thrilled that it will finally be open to the public. The application will allow avid golf users to practice their golf swing and improve it using our AI technology. During each swing, the app will record a video of your swing and provide an in-depth analysis of what the user did wrong and how to improve it. Instructions are provided for every swing on how to improve it with feedback from professional golfers. Sparrow is a game-changer for athletes who are looking to improve their game, starting with golf.

Demo Video:

To download the Sparrow App click here:

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