Why GolfLogix Is the Best Golf App for Apple Watch


Users enjoy utilizing GolfLogix for every hole of their game. It’s never been easier to get specific information such as exact yardages and a contoured, bird’s eye view of the course from the convenience of your smartphone. But we didn’t just stop there – we took the convenience further, asking ourselves, “How else can we help golfers improve their game?”

We recently introduced an update for GolfLogix for Apple Watch, compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and 4, to make analysis and stat tracking as easy as lifting a wrist. GolfLogix is widely regarded as the best golfing app on both Apple and Google, and with the added feature of being accessible on the Apple Watch, we are proud to be considered the best golf app for Apple Watch, too. Our staple features remain central to the Apple Watch version of GolfLogix and are sure to improve any golfer’s game.

These GolfLogix Apple Watch features include:

1. GPS with Yardage Information

It’s important to know the exact distance between the ball and the hole when calculating how best to swing – but GolfLogix’s provided yardage information for our thousands of mapped courses goes further, including yardage information to the front, middle, and back of the green. Also accessible is yardage information to potential ‘obstacles’ on the green, such as bunkers or water hazards.

2. Score Tracking

It’s never been easier to simply input scores on your wrist after each hole. Simply type in the numbers and move onto the next hole. Also available is the ability to edit scores if any mistakes are made.

3. Hole Selection

Even though an Apple Watch has a smaller digital face, usability remains a breeze, with the option to move through hole sections within the watch’s navigation. Shift back to previous holes to review performance with yardage information or update scores.

4. Bird’s Eye View

And of course, for GolfLogix’s iconic features: every contour, hill, incline, and dip in the green has been digitally mapped. Survey the course for each hole without needing to take out your cell phone from your golf bag or pocket, and use the information to make your best, most strategic club choices and swing.

All the while, anything that happens on the Apple Watch (such as score tracking) is communicated to the GolfLogix app on the user’s iPhone. This seamless interaction and syncing makes using an Apple Watch on the green easier than ever.

Download the app and try out GolfLogix’s free trial for your first two rounds to see why Golflogix is the best golf app for Apple Watch.

Brian Weis

Publisher of GolfGuide.com.

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