BOA Redefines Future of Fit

Unveils Performance Fit Lab, University of Denver Study

Announces the first study showing measured performance improvements in footwear with Boa-powered precision fit solutions.
Boa Technology, makers of the award-winning Boa Fit System, is pioneering new ways to advance human performance through fit. With the launch of Boa’s state-of-the-art Performance Fit Lab at their global headquarters in Denver, CO and in partnership with the University of Denver, Boa is conducting independent scientific studies that measure the biomechanical impact of its fit solutions. Through the development of new configurations made possible with the Boa Fit System, Boa is working alongside leading brand partners to revolutionize traditional shoe upper construction and improve athlete performance.
Boa’s initial study with the University of Denver focuses on the benefits of fit in the area of agility and speed and how the Boa Fit System enables faster, more powerful directional changes through a seamless connection between equipment and body. The study was conducted in DU’s Human Dynamics Laboratory with 31 Division 1 and club sport athletes completing five key movements. Each movement was performed multiple times in footwear with four different upper configurations: one with laces and three Boa performance fit configurations. 
“By tracking movement biomechanics of multiple high-level athletes, we were able to examine speed, power, explosiveness, and energy efficiencies,” says Bradley Davidson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Denver. “Typically, changing equipment has almost no effect on athlete performance, but in this case, the evidence shows clear improvements with the Boa Fit System. For these athletes, even a 1.5-4% performance improvement following a multi-week training program is quite significant—and they gained the equivalent improvements simply by changing shoes.”
The tests show that the Boa Fit System tri-panel configuration improves strength, speed, and power transfer of the athlete by 1.5-5% across five key movements.
As a result of early positive study findings, the latest New Balance run products feature optimized Boa configurations. Both the Fresh Foam Hierro Boa (trail shoe) and the 1500T2 Boa (road shoe) are designed with the scientifically proven tri-panel Boa configuration, allowing runners to pivot faster, with more power, and increased confidence.
Boa is deeply committed to enhancing performance fit through innovation and scientific study. The company has made significant long-term investments that include the opening of the new Performance Fit Lab, the hiring of in-house biomechanics experts, and partnering with respected, credible, external partners on validation studies. “Our research group is one of the first to use biomechanical performance variables to examine shoe upper design,” says Daniel Feeney, Ph.D., Biomechanics Research Engineer at Boa. “We are leading the industry by using innovative, new methods and the latest equipment to scientifically prove the meaningful benefit of Boa’s impact on fit. 
Boa’s 2,700 square foot Performance Fit Lab is located on the ground floor of its global headquarters in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood. The lab is equipped with the latest tools for measuring biomechanical data, including a 950-square foot motion capture space, a metabolic cart, 4 floor-mounted force plates, an indoor hiking path, instrumented bike and treadmill, Trackman, and more. 
In addition to studies measuring agility & speed, Boa has named two other performance benefit categories it will explore – power & precision, and endurance & health, with validation studies due to be conducted in 2020. The first study will set out to prove how the Boa Fit System delivers unparalleled performance and power, without compromising precision as it applies to golf. The second study will center around race, road, and trail running and address how the Boa Fit System improves efficiency.
“Looking beyond 2020, we will expand our performance benefit studies to include tennis, workwear, hiking, and other sport categories,” says Shawn Neville, CEO Boa Technology. “Our organization sees the value in proving the benefits of the Boa Fit System, and so do our world-class brand partners. Providing data to support the creation of better performing product is already allowing us to collaborate on a new level with our partners and in new categories.” 
With a focus on shaping the future of fit, Boa is armed with the data, innovative design, and key partnerships to drive the industry forward. The fully published white paper will be available to the public in early 2020, along with key brand partner products that will debut the latest technical Boa configurations to maximize performance and make the world’s best gear even better.  
David Daubert

David has been writing about golf since the turn of the century. He was Managing Editor at a regional golf magazine for 11 years, published in Canada, the IAGTO and a Staff Writer for The Georgia Golf Trail. His insightful perspective brings golf to life.

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