Ping G25 Irons – Distance AND Forgiveness


g25Before the Ping G25 irons hit the design room, the G range of Ping irons were quickly categorized as being for mid to high handicap golfers who needed a bit more forgiveness. After all, when Ping first created the G-series irons, the intention was to create the most forgiving iron that Ping had ever created. Enter the G25 irons, which Ping say are for players of all abilities. All indications are that this assessment is right on the money. With its sixth version of the G-series, Ping have revamped their design to make these irons more aesthetically pleasing for a wider range of golfers, whilst still maintaining G-level forgiveness.

With this being my first set of Ping irons, I was able to finally answer a question I have been asking for a long time: Exactly what are those colored dots on Ping irons all about? As it turns out, they are all about getting the proper fit on your Ping irons. The benchmark for the Ping color chart is the black dot. The hosels of these clubs leave the club at Ping’s standard angle. The wrists of golfers with shorter arms (something I never would have put myself in the category of) are naturally farther from the ground, requiring hosels that are more upright. The blue dot hosels are 0.75 of one degree more upright than black, followed by yellow, green, white, silver and maroon, and so on through the rainbow. Buying the worng colored dot will result in an improper fit thereby increasing the likelihood of errant shots.

Anyone who has any experience playing Ping irons will immediately want to compare them to last year’s G20 model. In doing so, one can quickly see some very glaring differences. With The G25s, the Custom Tuning Port (CTP) is lower than the G20 and integrated into the sole to lower mass and position the center of gravity for higher-launching and more forgiving results. The soles are progressively thinner from the 3-iron through pitching wedge; this provides for a higher-launching, more forgiving long ball flight in the longer irons, and adds playability and control in the shorter irons. This thinner sole also helps the club get through thick turf easier. The topline has also been thinned down which should help the G25 appeal to a wider audience. The progressive offset – which seems to be a trademark of Ping irons – is still there, but significantly less than their predecessor. The support bars on the heads of the irons align with the impact area to ensure a solid feel and distance control throughout the set while the elastomer cavity badge further improves feel and significantly dampens vibrations.

It took a few swings with the G25 irons to get used to the offset but once I did I found them to be much longer than the Wilson Staff FG V@ irons I had been playing. Not only that, but shots hit off center traveled nearly as far – although not as accurate – as well struck shots. The 17-4 stainless steel heads are very forgiving. I will say that the Ping irons were a lot easier to work the ball right to left than the other way around, primarily because of the offset.

I really liked the trajectory off the long irons. They seemed to produce a little lower, more penetrating ball flight than I had been seeing. I was definitely hitting the ball not only longer but more accurately as well

Ping G25 irons are available at most major golf shop – both brick and mortar and online. For more information on this new line of irons from Ping, visit their website at

David Theoret

David Theoret has been in the golf and golf travel industry for over 12 years, primarily selling online advertising. For the past seven years, he has also been a golf writer, reviewing golf courses, resorts, destinations, equipment, golf apparel, and training aids – the latter of which never seems to help. What started as a dream years ago, by God’s grace, became a reality in 2015 when The Golfin’ Guy editorial marketing company was founded. Working together with golf course designer Ron Garl; David’s articles and reviews have been posted on many golf travel, equipment, and apparel websites.

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