SuperStroke Grips – Better Feel for Better Putts


If you consider yourself a golfer, you are no doubt familiar with SuperStroke putter grips. They have left an indelible mark on the way golfers putt, to say the least.

SuperStroke grips are unique; at least they were until others started jumping on the bandwagon and piggyback off of their success. But only SuperStroke and their patented parallel design offer the surface area and texturee that leads to relaxed hands, wrists and forearms. This leads to a much more repeatable putting stroke.

SuperStroke’s parallel design – another way of saying non-tapered – distributes grip pressure evenly between the left and right hands for a more consistent grip. And, by offering 4 different sizes in their product line, SuperStroke has a grip that will fit every player and improve their putting stroke, which makes them a better putter and, if you follow this line of thinking, shoot lower scores. If only it were that easy!

SuperStroke is also super shock absorbent. This is because SuperStroke’s Proprietary PU material is fused with a patented foam underlisting in the construction process, which also makes the grip long lasting. Combine that with their CrossTraction technology and you get a profound tacky feel, that keeps your hands from slipping.

SuperStroke grips work by taking away the tendency to squeeze too tightly; they also help eliminate unnecessary wrist action. Also, a non-tapered grip promotes even grip pressure in both the right and left hands. When these two characteristics are combined, a smoother, more consistent putting stroke is achieved, and a more-square putter face at impact leads to better feel for distance control.

Who can benefit by installing SuperStroke grip on their putter? Any type of golfer: high handicappers, scratch golfers, men, women, left-handed, right-handed; you name it, ALL can improve their putting with a more consistent stroke. That’s why over 125 professional golfers are using SuperStroke grips on their respected tours.

A quick look at their website, and you will see there are a large number of grips in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Sizes range from 1.0 (same as your standard, run of the mill putter grip) to the Fatso 5.0 which is over one and a half times thicker. They also make a grip for a non-conventional putting grip (The Claw) as well as longer grips for use with belly and long putters.

Their most recent introduction is the Flatso, which is available in 4 different sizes. The flat top and pentagonal design increase a player’s shoulder rotation and helps to keep the wrists quiet. Recently, Jordan Spieth used the new Flatso Ultra to capture Tiger Woods’ Hero World Challenge and the 2014 Australian Open.

SuperStroke grips fit on any conventionally shafted putter and, with the new slip-on design, can easily be installed like other grips – double-sided tape and mineral spirits. You’ll find a handy tutorial on the website, SuperStroke putter grips are available at most major golf retailers and online distributers and cost around $25.00. For more information, visit their website.

David Theoret

David Theoret has been in the golf and golf travel industry for over 12 years, primarily selling online advertising. For the past seven years, he has also been a golf writer, reviewing golf courses, resorts, destinations, equipment, golf apparel, and training aids – the latter of which never seems to help. What started as a dream years ago, by God’s grace, became a reality in 2015 when The Golfin’ Guy editorial marketing company was founded. Working together with golf course designer Ron Garl; David’s articles and reviews have been posted on many golf travel, equipment, and apparel websites.

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