Shot Scope Pro ZR Laser Rangefinder


Shot Scope builds on its reputation for quality performance products with the new Pr ZR Laser Rangefinder at a golfer-friendly price.

Fast Facts Shot Scope Pro ZR
Red/black optics
Hardshell water resistant exterior
6x magnification
Slope adjustment on/off
Target lock vibration
1500-yard range
Cart mount magnet on side
CR2 battery
GPS app no charge
Weight 340 grams
Carrying case

You can pay a lot more for a laser rangefinder, but the Pro ZR does it all for a cost at the lower end of the market which was made very plain by the attention it received in the Shot Scope booth at the PGA Show.

The heft and feel of the unit are pleasing to the hand and the hard exterior has rubber surfaces to facilitate a firm grip. The laser activation switch on the top of the unit is easy to use and the slope activation on/off switch (to comply with USGA regulations) is prominently placed on the side and large enough so there’s no fumbling.

Purchase of the Pro ZR also allows no charge access to the Shot Scope app for course GPS maps which are automatically updated as you play a hole showing, hazards, front/back/middle of greens and doglegs. As with the software used by the Pro ZR updating of the GPS app is done without a subscription, a nice money saver all by itself.

David Hunter, CEO, said at the introduction of the new unit, “Shot Scope is very excited to innovate the laser rangefinder category once again with a device that provides the best combination of distance and accuracy, with a construction and design that offers unmatched durability for handling harsh conditions on the course. This kind of advanced technology at a $299.99 price point is simply unheard of in golf today.”

Should the coming season mean you are looking for a new laser rangefinder, Shot Scope’s Pro ZR has to be on everyone’s short list.

Ed Travis

Ed Travis is a national award winning golf journalist and has carried on a lifelong love affair with the game. His work covering the business of golf, equipment, golf personalities and travel is regularly seen in numerous print and electronic publications. He has competed in tournament golf both as an amateur and senior professional and though his competitive days are behind him, Travis still plays regularly. He and his wife live on a water hazard in suburban Orlando.

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